Removing the Mask

“The mask I believed was my salvation was actually a prison of my own making.” By Desiree Adaway | Twitter: @desireeadaway When I was young, I had a horrible time sharing myself with the world.  I was awkward, nervous, hormonal, uncertain. I felt different and I had no idea how to articulate my quirkiness, nor […]

Closure: Saying Goodbye

On grieving what was to make space for what lies ahead. By Natasha Files | Twitter: @natashafiles ____________________________________________________ Reflecting on what I have learned during this journey of writing a SheLoves wellness post on Wednesdays, it has come to my attention that everything is as it should be. Yes, I will miss sharing my passion with […]

My Cure for Feeling Overwhelmed: The Three P’s

On nine ballerinas, moving to Calgary and prioritizing my life By Natasha Files | Twitter: @natashafiles A few days after settling into my new life amidst the flames and cowboys of Calgary, I found myself slightly overwhelmed. It’s not the fact that I am the main house parent to nine quirky ballerinas, nor that I […]

My 20-Something Life: Knowing My True Identity in a Time of Transition

Bye-bye, Dawson Creek. Hello, new adventures! By Natasha Files | Twitter: @natashafiles __________________________________________________________ It feels like yesterday that I packed my things, hopped on an over-priced flight and moved to Dawson Creek, BC. Somehow the time has flown by and amongst my whining about -40° weather and small town drama, I have grown and transitioned into […]

That Time I Got Stuck in an Emotional Elevator

On discovering patience inside powerlessness and an inner anointing to learn the lessons on my way.  By Natasha Files | Twitter: @natashafiles So, last week I got stuck in an emotional elevator. When I first climbed in, I didn’t care I was the only passenger riding the–somewhat unstable–machine of my emotions. About half-way up to […]