One Ordinary Day At A Time

I used to think I needed to be superman for Jesus. I devoured missionary biographies as a young reader, awed and inspired by the feats of missionary heroes like Amy Carmichael, Hudson Taylor, and Jim Elliott. The things they did, giving up every creaturely comfort, laying down their very lives for the sake of the […]

Barbie, We Need to Talk

My daughter approached me with Barbie’s plastic head in one hand and her torso in the other. “Mommy, can you fix her?” Growing up, I’d learned to snap the head back on. It didn’t appear that my daughter’s Barbie would fare so well. The rim of the neck had cracked apart, rendering the swivel useless. […]

Leaving Yekaterinburg With Our Son

By Kirsten Holmberg | Twitter: @Kirsten828 I knew right away. It just felt different somehow. As a mother of (then) five- and nearly three-year-old girls, I’d perched toddlers on my hip innumerable times. I’d mastered the art of wiping counters, answering telephones, and skewering juice boxes with a straw one-handed, while cradling one of our […]

Please Do Not Touch Me

“Rub the Buddha belly, Rylee,” my older sister, Katie, said to her daughter. Rylee smiled up at me and gingerly put her hand on the crest of my pregnant abdomen. She moved it back and forth, with a hesitant, irritating judder. I smiled, but had to grit my teeth to not swat her hand away. […]

A Letter to My Younger, Pre-New Orleans Love Story Self

Dear Younger Self, As you’re reading this, you’re probably in between two books: I Kissed Dating Goodbye and something on intercessory prayer. We were quite pious back in the day, Love. Your goals are quite simple: finish college, marry a godly man, make lots of babies, and maybe lead a youth ministry someplace in there. […]