The Art of Loving Long and Slow

I slip into the kitchen at the first hint of light and start the coffee. I drop two pieces of raisin bread into the toaster and just before the smell of warm cinnamon curls around the doorway, my dad appears. He smiles full on, like the sun that has now risen, and then quickly catches […]

When God Is a Handful of Stickers

It was a hot and sticky day, and we were taking our two little ones home from a day at London Zoo. We live in London, but the trip still takes one hour and fifteen minutes and by the time we were on train-change number two, my toddler was just about done with it all. […]

Tangled in the Memories

by Amanda Tingle Taylor | @itTingles Time has a funny way of playing with your memories. Things that never seemed important to you in the present hold so much power over you as a memory. My daughter just moved out of my house for the first time. She is a college freshman living on campus. I […]

I Am My Mother’s Daughter

I help to situate her after she’s wheeled back from X-ray. Her face hushed in pain, teeth gritted, face hollowed out and wincing. She lets out a slow and shaky exhale and I blink back my tears, but one escapes and rolls from my chin, plopping obscenely on her hospital gown and staining her with […]

Confessions of a Serial Planner

I am a planner. This includes any project I take on, but five-year plans are my favourite, giving me a sense of purpose, direction and control. I feel safe when my plans are detailed and well laid out. I like knowing where I am going and how I am going to get there. It should, […]