Confessions of a Serial Planner

I am a planner. This includes any project I take on, but five-year plans are my favourite, giving me a sense of purpose, direction and control. I feel safe when my plans are detailed and well laid out. I like knowing where I am going and how I am going to get there. It should, […]

My Escape from the Land of Less-Than

I am a stay-at-home mom. It’s embarrassingly hard for me to leave that sentence as is. I want to add to it so badly. A disclaimer, a footnote, something. I’ve never spoken those words and left them as is before. At the very least, I tack on a “for now” at the end of it. […]

Why I’m Framing my Ph.D. above the Changing Table

By Ashley Hales | Twitter: @aahales I didn’t want to be a mother. Not in my bones, anyway. The cultural narrative I grew up with was a be-anything, do-anything mantra that could or could not include children. I had grand plans of Ivy League schools, perhaps missions trips overseas, and a world of ideas I wanted […]

The Day I Had All the Spoons

That herd of hungry cows is far too close to the hay wagon, in my opinion. But my littlest shrieks with delight from my lap, and my oldest looks on with wide, sparkling eyes. We continue to bump down the dirt road, our jovial driver stopping at points of interest. A tiny blonde named Peyton […]

Sisterhood is Like a Poem

You lean into my shoulder with the weight of so many sighs and I feel you crumple. You are so tired. The days have stretched long and thin and you are weary of their demands. And the nights. The nights have their own hellish orbit. You have no desire to gaze upon their dimmed glory […]