Mamas Mess Up Too


Mommy guilt is something I wrestle with often.  I think it’s partly to do with Facebook and the masked lives people like to display, which I tend to compare with the reality of my own. But for the most part, it’s because I believed I would always be so good at motherhood and I have […]

Inheriting the Dream of Adoption


By Meredith Bazzoli | Twitter: @MeredithBazzoli Drew and I won’t be married until September, but I am expecting one of our children any day now. I figured this out in the shower the other day, somewhere between rinsing shampoo and applying conditioner.  We plan on entering the world of foster parenting and adopting most of […]

Honor’s Promise: Simple as Buttered Toast


My kids do something that drives me crazy. I say, “Come here,” and they look me in the eye, turn, and run in the opposite direction. They’re fast. It’s not always easy to catch up with them. And the whole point is that I don’t want to chase them. I just want them to do […]

Can I See Your Belly Button?


Saturday morning always comes earlier than I hope. Yes, it’s our day off. Yes, we have a few kids old enough to want some extra sleep. But no, that doesn’t stop their bodies from remembering what time they wake up for school on five other days of the week.  (Sigh.) My eyes blink open to […]

TGIF: I’m Making A Human!

Hope_800 4

Nothing can prepare you for the moment you discover you’re … pregnant. I’d spent five days comatose on the couch, straddling a hot water bottle, nursing a stomach flu, a fever and a smokers cough. I’d chugged many potent cocktails of Nyquil, Advil and lemon tea. To my left was a graveyard of used Kleenex. […]