Sisterhood Is Like A Poem

You lean into my shoulder with the weight of so many sighs and I feel you crumple. You are so tired. The days have stretched long and thin and you are weary of their demands. And the nights. The nights have their own hellish orbit. You have no desire to gaze upon their dimmed glory […]

Sisterhood and Small Victories

“I’m fantasising about just walking out the door and leaving them to fend for themselves.” My SOS text went out to my closest friends, the ones I knew would not take me literally and yet would know how completely overwhelmed and spent I felt. My phone was pinging back in minutes. Notes of empathy and […]

A Tale of Three Lighthouses

I’ve placed a flashlight on the island and checked our stash of candles. It’s mainly cheap tea lights, but they will suffice. A heap of freshly washed sheets is next to me and another load is bumping away in the dryer. The dishwasher is humming. Everything that requires energy is operating at full capacity. Except […]

Small Love Holds Us Together

When my first son was born, it had been a long, rough road for both of us. His collarbone snapped as he was finally delivered. They laid him on my chest, and I looked in his eyes and we had a moment of clear recognition before they whisked him away. He emerged so fine and […]

I Insist This Is A Love Story

I insist this is a love story. I was twelve or 13, and I was in bed, crying, because earlier that day, I looked down at one of the desks I passed in class, and saw I hate Heather gouged into the wood with a blade. I was hoping my mom would hear my crying […]