Did You Know, Mary?


I’ve learned the greatest treasures in life are always found on the way to “somewhere”–they lie within the process as we journey, not once we arrive at the longed for destination. As my husband John loves to say, “Life is a journey–not from here to there, but from who you are to who you are […]

Awaken to that Divine Purpose


To what do you give your complete and utmost devotion? What is it inside of you that awakens and opens your heart with complete abandon, allowing the Spirit of God to work deeply within you and unreservedly with you? When I think these thoughts the words of Mark Twain speak loudly to me: “The two […]

In Tech, on Waves, in Space…Good News for Girls


  Women flexing grey matter! Maryam Mirzakhani, from Iran, is the first woman to take the world’s top math prize. Brittany Wenger created a cloud app that cheaply and effectively diagnoses cancer. At the age of 19. After teaching herself to code at 12. Slacker! Some very cool vintage images of women inventing important aspects […]

The Job That Desire Wanted


It began as an annoying little desire. On the backburner of my thoughts, tipping horizontal at the most inconvenient times, pouring out its wares. When it did, it infected everything else popping and simmering, boiling and frying, on the proverbial stovetop. It infiltrated. I had the desire to go to work. After having homeschooled four kids […]

Kicking Off Mentoring Week: Paying Attention


One email changed my life. It could change yours too. All Donna-Jean meant to do was ask about local churches. Instead, she changed my life. About six months ago, DJ, as she goes by, contacted me out of the blue. She’s a SheLoves reader who emailed to ask about churches in my town; she was […]