This Quiet Work is Enough

One morning a week I volunteer at our local food bank. This past week a woman came in who was in active labor. It took the staff several minutes to figure out what was happening and when they asked if they could call an ambulance for her, she said she just wanted to get her hamper […]

Change My Name, God

“I told Jesus be alright if you change my name … if you change my name.” —Roberta Flack “Christianity hasn’t been tried and found empty … it has been found difficult and left untried.” —G.K. Chesterton I started seminary this fall. The three-year-long whisper-turned-roar led me to apply when I gathered the courage to open my […]

The Light that Circles

I woke from a short, deep sleep again this morning The kind that comes after a night of heavy sighs and clumsy turns and snags of dreams As the light in the room brightened I attempted to gather the frayed strands of story fleeing to the dark behind my eyes but all of it slipped […]

One Ordinary Day At A Time

I used to think I needed to be superman for Jesus. I devoured missionary biographies as a young reader, awed and inspired by the feats of missionary heroes like Amy Carmichael, Hudson Taylor, and Jim Elliott. The things they did, giving up every creaturely comfort, laying down their very lives for the sake of the […]

A Band of Sisters

By Joy Howard | Twitter: @DrJoyAJHoward In 1841, a young woman in Boston named Julia Foote dreamed that God handed her a scroll that authorized her to preach the Gospel. She dreamed that God said “You are now prepared, and must go where I have commanded you.” She woke up terrified. She had felt a call […]