I Shall Be A Champion of Freedom and Justice


By Stephanie Sauer | @stephaniesauer1 “I shall be a Champion of Freedom and Justice.” “I shall build a more peaceful world.” I’m a 39-year-old mother of three. Seven months ago, I started Taekwondo training with my seven-year-old son, Jacob. Talk about getting out of my comfort zone! Even after seven months of training, I still have […]

Play Your Part Well


I am a bit of a “How’s it’s made” geek. Recently, while watching a video of how fabrics are made, I was astonished at how making something as common as cotton broadcloth is not simple at all. It’s a highly complex and difficult process—even with today’s modern technology. In ancient days, creating fabrics, tapestries and […]

At the Edge of My Sewing Machine


I learned to sew when I was 12. My mom taught me how to follow the pattern and cut on the bias, how to add elastic and sew on buttons. The result was a complete set of pale yellow pajamas printed with a pattern of little cupcakes. I loved those pajamas. Sadly, the pants were too […]

Dear God, Please Hurry Up


About six months ago, I lost my job. There were budget cuts and, just like that, a position I’d held for 14 years was gone. I expected it to be a hard transition, but it’s been strange in ways I didn’t expect. I didn’t expect so much of my identity to be tied up in […]

Valleys of Trouble, Doors of Hope


I was six months pregnant, but somehow I managed to make it to the top. Not a mountain, hardly even a hill, Dùn Ì is the highest point on the small island of Iona and we’d decided to make the trek to its peak. As we hiked I gradually discarded most of the many layers […]