The Job That Desire Wanted


It began as an annoying little desire. On the backburner of my thoughts, tipping horizontal at the most inconvenient times, pouring out its wares. When it did, it infected everything else popping and simmering, boiling and frying, on the proverbial stovetop. It infiltrated. I had the desire to go to work. After having homeschooled four kids […]

Kicking Off Mentoring Week: Paying Attention


One email changed my life. It could change yours too. All Donna-Jean meant to do was ask about local churches. Instead, she changed my life. About six months ago, DJ, as she goes by, contacted me out of the blue. She’s a SheLoves reader who emailed to ask about churches in my town; she was […]

Rebirth in the Psych Ward


Not many places on earth lend themselves to the acute aspiration and suffocating defeat of a psych ward. Especially when you’re an adolescent. My husband works in such a place. His name is Jason. He stands at a modest 5’9”, average build, but with eyes that could call the confession or compassion out of a […]

How A Single Question Turned My Faith Around


By Michelle DeRusha | Twitter: @MichelleDeRusha The necklace—a choker with a velvet strap and a single brilliant faux sapphire—sat within reach, right at the edge of the open desk. I wanted that necklace; I had to have it, the desire for it so strong, it made my stomach clench. So while my third grade teacher bent […]

When God Asks You to Take Out the Trash


I hate taking out the garbage. It is by far the worst of all household tasks. It might be my superhuman olfactory senses. Or because the colossal effort it requires to take out the trash remains unappreciated to the naked eye, tucked under the sink. It may have a smidge to do with the fact […]