Vision is More Than a Plan for the Future

By Hannah Kallio |  Twitter: @hannahkallio1 Have you ever clung tightly to a biblical truth, and then later realized you weren’t grasping the whole truth after all? Without ever meaning to, I misunderstood God’s word and used it against the person who is most precious to me. It all started with this verse: “Without vision, the […]

Go Make the World Beautiful

It was a simple photo: a lap filled with art supplies. Fat little tubes of glossy paints, stiff brushes, and a stark white palette, just waiting to be muddied up with imagination. The picture lit up my phone with its cacophony of colour, and I had to restrain myself from turning cartwheels down the driveway. […]

I Kissed Blowdrying Goodbye

My daughter was a newborn when I stopped blowdrying my hair. At the time, I didn’t think of it as a lifestyle choice. I struggled to bathe, much less primp. After every precious shower, I stared at that hairdryer with laser volcano eyes. You’re stealing precious minutes of my life, I fumed. It did not […]

There’s Something About Small Yeses

The other day I got a text a little before 7am. I was still in bed, reading and trying to swim up to the surface of consciousness. My first response was to ignore it. Then I was curious and the adult part of my brain remembered that sometimes people text early in the morning because […]

Imperfection is a Gift

By: Jody Fernando | Twitter: @jodylouise How do you leave a place, limping, feeling as though you made every effort to live but aren’t sure if you ever really got there? Except for the time you gasped at the magnificent tree in the fog in the field or hiked with your daughter through the woods […]