Into the Woods


I walk to the woods gathering sticks I gaze skyward, past the lace fringed leaves to the bluing dome bubbling higher and sometimes, all I manage is to place one foot in front of the other Each foot sinks into –is buoyed by– ancient humus complex and simple it holds the forest to its moorings […]

Was Jesus Successful?


“What are you most afraid of?” She aimed the question at me right in the midst of our conversation. I thought she was asking a rhetorical question—not really expecting an answer from me—but she kept quiet and her eyes rested on me. I was visiting Dorothea at her apartment on a Wednesday morning in the […]

One Word 365: Have You Chosen Yours?


Presence. This was my One Word for 2014. It was the word I had prayed about through December 2013 and a word I felt God was asking me to lean into. And it made sense to me; I had been living at a pace I couldn’t keep up with, over-scheduling both myself and my family, […]

When Love Came Down


I know I don’t speak for everyone, but I also know I am not alone. Although often rich in joy and beauty, this year has been rife with struggle and pain, heartache and longing, heaving and sorrow. And despite my measured attempts to catch the glory stream that daily pours over and around and down […]

The Veil is Torn


Darkness enshrouds us later and longer. I see it when I drive to work early. How slowly the first light breaks in the eastern sky. How dank the world looks with its heavy fog, like frothy milk slathered along the highways and cornfields. How deep the mystery is here, behind the veil. It seems to […]