A Dare To Stop Looking


In Somaliland I took a picture of my neighbour and printed it for her. The old woman gripped the photo with two hands and her face broke into an exuberant, nearly toothless smile. “I’m old! I’m old!” she shouted. She was grandmother and nomadic shepherdess old, leathered by sun and wind and a physically challenging life. This […]

Keep The Earth Below My Feet


We met at the ungodly hour of 7:30 in the morning. The class was Biology. I was all of 19 years old and every bit as perky as you’re guessing. It was my second year of college, but I was in a new place, having transferred to an alternative campus in Maryland, far away from […]

Spinning Straw into Gold


This last week before Christmas has taken on a life of its own this year. Right when my sweet little family was gearing up for afternoons baking cookies and evenings driving around town gazing at twinkling lights we had to, instead, quickly shift gears, rearrange plans, throw clothes in suitcases, make haste. Suddenly, it was […]

Out of the Depths Came Joy


“I stepped away from the buffet table, afraid to be content with an empty plate. But to my surprise, the food I was hungry for, showed up in abundance.” I have been in a season of intense joy in my faith. And I really, really didn’t want to say why. Here’s why: The joy started […]

The Fullness of Joy


By Enuma Okoro | Twitter: @Tweetenuma I love the season of Advent and the invitation to reflect on the lives of such biblical characters as Mary, Elizabeth, Zechariah and John. There are so many subthemes within Advent that we rarely give enough consideration and meditation. It is not just about waiting but also about recognizing and experiencing […]