Always We Begin Again

I spent so many years wishing to go back. The years between college and the real world were marked by a struggle to find my place, a kind of limbo. I was truly on my own for the first time, a stranger in a city not my own. I was stuck in a place between […]

Let’s Rise Together

I am always looking for a great book to read. When I was with my dear friend Lisa Bevere last month she told she had just finished reading a book that captivated her so greatly that she was truly saddened as she neared the end of it because of the amazing people she had encountered […]

Sisterhood is a Dance

We move, intimately and instinctually. What we have is a partnership A soul tie and bond An intimacy born of dance. I trust the tension of the symbolic thread binding us together. You are my sister. You notice the void and aren’t afraid to step into the spotlight of my darkness. You notice the spaces […]

The Love Mandala

There are well worn paths across the carpet which tell of their coming and going and all the myriad ways they were hemmed together as a piece over a day or two or a thousand. They still pull even in her absence The other day an aroma enveloped him like a cloud of witnesses And, […]

What Is Your Sacred Ground?

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” – Zora Neale Hurston Last year began with what I thought was an answer. I picked one word to guide me through the year: Wholehearted. I thought I knew what it meant. I had read BrenĂ© Brown’s book, after all. I knew about shame and […]