What Is Your Sacred Ground?

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer.” – Zora Neale Hurston Last year began with what I thought was an answer. I picked one word to guide me through the year: Wholehearted. I thought I knew what it meant. I had read Brené Brown’s book, after all. I knew about shame and […]

What Is The Real Deadline Here?

Ever since I was 18 years old, the questions taught to me by a woman named Karen have been changing my life. Life-changing might sound overly dramatic, but I am serious. One of the first questions Karen ever asked me was if I wanted to stay at her house. Indefinitely. And I know if she […]

Do My Words Matter?

By Nicole T. Walters | Twitter: @NicoleTWalters It wasn’t a revelatory moment when the heavens opened up. It was pieces of moments, scattered throughout my life like breadcrumbs leading me down the right path. Pieces of moments—that book I wrote in third grade and a journal entry saying I wanted to be a writer, all […]

For When “Just Do It” Doesn’t Work

By Jessica Sanborn | Twitter: @jlsanbornwrites “Just Do It” is a great slogan when it comes to Nike shoes and things like: “Get off the couch and move!” “Floss your teeth!” “Eat your vegetables!” Or: “Sit down and write!” But there are times when “Just Do It” doesn’t work and when trying harder only leaves […]

The Midwife

What God has done for me will never be forgotten, the God whose very name is holy, set apart from all others. His mercy flows in wave after wave on those who are in awe before him. Luke 1: 48-50 (The Message) History doesn’t remember me. It makes a better story, I suppose, to have […]