Small Acts, Great Love


The house is quiet now. All day there has been this swirling of vagrant leaves and fluttering of bare branches and it has been enough to make me wonder if all of heaven and earth might just be on the cusp of some arcing change. Perhaps winter’s icy fingers are beginning to crack and splinter […]

The Thing With Feathers


I grew up in a family that loved birds. As far back as my mind can remember, I have opened my eyes each morning and quickly found a window through which I could spot the birds already bustling about the yard. My childhood house had a tall window over the kitchen sink and just outside […]

Spinning Straw into Gold


This last week before Christmas has taken on a life of its own this year. Right when my sweet little family was gearing up for afternoons baking cookies and evenings driving around town gazing at twinkling lights we had to, instead, quickly shift gears, rearrange plans, throw clothes in suitcases, make haste. Suddenly, it was […]

There is Still a Light that Shines


Okay, so I have a confession to make: My mind is pretty much always busy–listing, planning, dreaming, reflecting, questioning, worrying, wondering, remembering, forgetting, thinking, and trying not to think. I suspect I’m not alone in this. If you were here, dear readers, perhaps we could share and commiserate and high-five each other that at least […]

A Wink from God (Or, How a Slice of Pizza Turned my Day Around)


Exhale and reclaim. Three simple words, but it’s those two little letters preceding claim that catch my attention. We’re not just claiming here, we’re reclaiming. If our claiming has already been done, why do we have to do it again? We have to reclaim because we are human, and because somewhere along the way we […]