Breaking Blood: My Period and Other Misc. Joys of Being a Woman.

I got my first period in 10th grade. I was a fragile teenager with a faint mustache and widening hips. I had a fresh harvest of body hair and trembling water-balloons for a bosom. I was a unibrowed Ugly Betty with a heart full of big dreams. And then I “broke blood.” I’d been preparing […]

We Are The Red Tent: Keep a Girl in School

We may think it’s a simple sanitary pad. For a girl in a place like Gulu in Northern Uganda, a regular supply of feminine products means access to education and a different future. As I held the soft cotton undies—pinks, purples, greens, blues—tied together with a package of sanitary pads, I wanted to lock my […]

Sweating for Sisterhood: Keep A Girl in School in Uganda

Or: The Little Pot That Could (But Almost Didn’t) I’ve had this pot for a while now. Sitting atop my white IKEA table. Empty. For several months I stared at it, guiltily. And every day, it stared back at me, questioning. If it had eyebrows, I imagine one would have been raised, as if to […]

Good News For Girls: Lemonade + Kenya + Pure Water + Inspiration

Girls Who Innovate: + Livelyhoods in Nairobi, Kenya gives girls the chance to trade selling scavenged scrap or drugs for selling eco-friendly cook stoves, solar and LED lighting, and sanitary products. + Kenyan farms are being transformed by female farmers! + While this reads as a micro-credit success story (and it is!), the more interesting […]

A Woman Who Loves: Viola Lutara

“Although we live in different parts of the world, we all belong to the same God and the challenges that you face are the same ones that we face. It is only the definition that varies.” We are honored to introduce Viola Lutara to you today, a SheLovely after our own heart. As the Director […]