Here Lies a Fallen Do-Gooder


By Anne Dahlhauser | Twitter: @AnneDahlhauser I suppose it was never supposed to be like this. I have smiley pictures to prove it. And brochures. And even videos of heart-moving scenes to depict laughing children hugging laughing volunteers. It was supposed to be awesome. Everyone believed it to be. And, somehow, in the midst of […]

Rebirth in the Psych Ward


Not many places on earth lend themselves to the acute aspiration and suffocating defeat of a psych ward. Especially when you’re an adolescent. My husband works in such a place. His name is Jason. He stands at a modest 5’9”, average build, but with eyes that could call the confession or compassion out of a […]

When Your Body Talks Back


You step out of the shower. Take a deep breath as the steam slowly creeps up to the ceiling. Inwardly tell yourself to have grace. To speak words of love. Of affirmation. Anything positive will suffice really. You turn to the mirror. You want so badly to love me. But that brick wall of insecurity […]

More Than a Number


“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” ~ Steve Maraboli I didn’t become aware of my body until around the age of ten. My friend Caroline was visiting for the day and insisted on […]

When the Fertility Fairy Goes MIA


“Are you going to have more kids?” I look at my only child, playing and grinning from ear to ear. God, I love him. I feel a stab in my heart as disappointment and grief flood in. I don’t want him to be alone in life. But his dad and I have been trying for […]