Ebola is More Than a News Story to Me

By Yabome Gilpin-Jackson | Twitter: @supportdevelop Ebola is more than just another news story to me. “What can be worse than watching your child wasting away from the Ebola virus, and not being able to comfort her with a touch, or care for her directly?” This question haunts me. Unimaginable pain, unbelievable heartache, unspeakable torture. It’s the plight […]

The Gift of Dignity

By Sarah Quezada | @SarahQuezada I sat on their bed, the one shared by mother and her pre-teen son. It was the primary seating in the one-room apartment. Together we had spent the morning standing in line in the biting cold, waiting outside a local ministry organization. It was Christmas toy pick-up day. Mothers lined […]

We Are The Red Tent: Keep a Girl in School

We may think it’s a simple sanitary pad. For a girl in a place like Gulu in Northern Uganda, a regular supply of feminine products means access to education and a different future. As I held the soft cotton undies—pinks, purples, greens, blues—tied together with a package of sanitary pads, I wanted to lock my […]

A Woman Who Loves: Nicola Bartel

“Offer the gift of who you are and see what God does with it.”                    At SheLoves Magazine, we LOVE introducing you to “SheLovelys” all over the world. This month I am thrilled to feature Nicola Bartel, the Executive Director for Mercy Ministries of Canada. Nicola and I shared […]

A Simple Truth

“In that place of discomfort, where my cheeks were always flush and beads of sweat glistened on my forehead, I felt more alive than I had for a long time.” Privileged. Blessed. Vulnerable. Raw. That’s how I feel as I reflect on my trip to Africa last month with some of our global SheLoves sisters. […]