Daughter, Your Faith has Healed You

By Marilyn Gardner | Twitter: @MarilynGard I grew up in Pakistan. As an only daughter in a house full of boys, my family treated me like a princess. I loved Pakistan. Pakistan was my home, the place of my earliest memories. All of my firsts happened there. As I grew up, I learned more about […]

Vision is More Than a Plan for the Future

By Hannah Kallio |  Twitter: @hannahkallio1 Have you ever clung tightly to a biblical truth, and then later realized you weren’t grasping the whole truth after all? Without ever meaning to, I misunderstood God’s word and used it against the person who is most precious to me. It all started with this verse: “Without vision, the […]

I Confess: Reading Stresses Me Out

Okay, so this is weird. Reading stresses me out. It’s weird on so many levels. One: Reading is one of my favorite things to do. Two: I was an English major. Three: I read a lot. Conclusion: Weird. Maybe saying “reading” stresses me out isn’t specific enough. So let’s dig deeper. I get stressed that […]

I’m Tired of Saying “Sorry”

By Sarah Henderson | @sarahlowhen “I’m sorry,” she said to me as she exited the changing room at the chiropractor’s office. “Oh no, I’m sorry,” I replied, as I waited my turn to enter. A slight feeling of shame washed over me, as I quickly looked away from her. I went into the tiny booth, locked […]

The Snarky Girl Section of the Peacemakers

I never intended to become a peacemaker. The first time someone called me a peacemaker, I cringed inside. I was 13 and noticed the girls in my youth group were getting really clique-y. For weeks, I watched the clique gain momentum. They planned overnight trips and stole away to the fellowship hall to take Seventeen quizzes. Everyone who […]