By Austin Channing | Twitter: @austinchanning Too Black I grew up immersed in white culture through private education. I attended predominately white schools from preschool through college. Though I successfully navigated the ins and outs of school, there, I was often too black. My ponytail didn’t move like the other girls. My father was a […]

Intentionality in Conquering Othering


By Dianna E. Anderson | Twitter: @DiannaEAnderson In high school, I had a friend who was the son of the local Southern Baptist preacher. We were in the same activities and shared a religious belief, so we got along well. Until I told him I wanted to go into ministry, that is. I excitedly logged […]

What I Want You to Know


[TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of verbal, emotional, physical abuse & economic abuse] by R. I fell down the rabbit hole of domestic violence, or was deceived down the hole. It doesn’t matter how I got there; it matters that I was there. I am still there, although divorced. This is what I want you to know […]

On Asthma and Ferguson


One of the most heavy burdens of raising a child with complex health issues has been the judgment of others, especially of those with authority or expertise. During one breathing crisis, the specialist literally scoffed at our concern, saying, “He’s fine! See you in six months.” This man’s face was on the cover of a […]

The Black Wedding Guest


I once attended an Afrikaans wedding in South Africa, where I live, and then vowed I would never attend another one in my life. I since have attended more Afrikaans weddings, but that experience stands out, because when I was treated as being different from everyone else, it challenged me to look deep into my […]