Good News For Girls: No Apologies for Brilliance


  How We See Ourselves: Your hair-free head might be a source of embarrassment. Or it might be another place to show off your beauty. Embracing all the features prone to shame. (if you missed Sarah’s post earlier this week…you’re welcome.) With a little support (as Bev reminded us) maybe we can even Flourish. Why […]

Sweet Tea and Sympathy for Invisible Women


By Melinda Jackson Lalrinthangi is invisible.  I meet her operating her makeshift vegetable stand in the golden rays of Northeast India’s morning sun. Cabbage, Bird’s Eye chilies, bitter gourds, okra. The sun has just risen over Mizoram state, illuminating the hillside city of Aizawl for a crisp, January day. My husband and I were just […]

Mamas Mess Up Too


Mommy guilt is something I wrestle with often.  I think it’s partly to do with Facebook and the masked lives people like to display, which I tend to compare with the reality of my own. But for the most part, it’s because I believed I would always be so good at motherhood and I have […]

Dinner With The Magician


She called just a day before she would be rolling through town, hope dripping round the corners of her question. Was there a chance I might be available for a visit when she passed through? It would be a quick stay, just overnight, but wouldn’t it be lovely? Gratefully, our days are wide open as […]

In Praise of Those Who are Out There


One image from this past week keeps coming back to me: My neighbour, this big smart guy, standing under the cherry tree with his daughter, picking. He’s holding the bowl and she’s reaching up, beaming. That daughter, let’s call her Grace, has been dealt a rough hand. She’s on the autism spectrum but also suffers […]