When Generations of Silent Women Speak


By Cheryl McGrath | Twitter: @breadforbride The voices moving around me are strong. They are loud, articulate, and powerful. Most of all they are young, charged with the unmistakable exuberance and vigour of youth. They are young with the outrageous brashness of those who have carefully examined the well-worn path grudgingly offered to them and firmly declined. […]

The Tightly Stitched Gathering of God


By Micha Boyett | Twitter: @Michaboyett One of the sweet privileges of being a newly ordained elder in my church is the responsibility of presenting candidates for baptism to the congregation. In our denomination, those who are coming for baptism or joining the church are introduced by name before they make their vows, before our pastor […]

The Power of the Dinner Table


Like many other families, we reserve dinner time to be that sacred 30-minute window where the four members of our clan are contained within a space of reaching distance. I holler the routine call: “Dinner is ready!” from the kitchen and they appear from their respective locations of the house, eager to eat after a […]

The Peacemakers, The Poets + The Pretty Ones: Good News for Girls


26 Women To Watch In Tech in 2015.   The Peacemakers Women are a powerful force for peace. Here’s why. Syrian women know how to defeat ISIS. The power of Libya’s female arms dealers.   Artists Represent Andrea Mihalik of New Jersey met the craftswomen of Kiltamany, Kenya. None of them have been the same since. […]

Patience in Disguise


After my mother-in-law, Donna, died, we sorted her things. She sewed, the kind of seamstress that will deconstruct her favorite dress, figure out how to improve it, and make herself three more. My mother-in-law was always on the look for odds and ends at the thrift store where she worked, especially anything mechanical or vintage. […]