Please Do Not Touch Me


“Rub the Buddha belly, Rylee,” my older sister, Katie, said to her daughter. Rylee smiled up at me and gingerly put her hand on the crest of my pregnant abdomen. She moved it back and forth, with a hesitant, irritating judder. I smiled, but had to grit my teeth to not swat her hand away. […]

Thank You, India


By Nicole T. Walters | Twitter: @NicoleTWalters As I boarded the plane for the first leg of a 16-hour flight, I tried to slow the breath that came in gulps, a mingling of excitement and fear. I had dreamed of India for years. Now I could hardly believe I was about to move there for […]

Read the Fine Print (And Do It Anyway)


By Dani Kreeft | Twitter: @danipress Many of us aren’t 9-to-5er’s anymore. We’re fuelling a job culture without convention or boundaries, regular hours or even regular bosses. We’re backing a lucrative “If you can dream it, you can do it” slogan that’s perfect for anyone who would rather set her own hours rather than sign up for […]

Car Trouble and Plot Twists


I was tucked into the cushions of a hotel lobby couch listening to 80s pop music in a dry little town in Northeastern Oregon on a Tuesday night. This was not on my agenda for the week. I left my house on a Saturday morning with a pile of bedding, a couple cameras, a backpack […]

A Dirt Path and the Beginning of Hope


When people saw my mother in those years, they remarked how healthy she looked, how strong, how not-sick. “You would never know she has terminal cancer,” they said. Their astonishment rang like praise for the upbeat patient smiling through her pain. I understood their cognitive dissonance. Her tenacity felt larger than life to me, superhuman […]