Leading in Love: Our Next 10 Years


I’ve come to leadership reluctantly. I liked the words “gathering,” or “shepherding” instead, because, to me, they implied my face turned towards others. My old perception of leadership was of forging ahead. A Type A kind of leadership that I’ve resisted, because I imagined it as having little or no regard for the ones who follow. But I’ve […]

When the Holy Spirit is Our Midwife


I had just finished throwing up for the first time (not the last) into a handful of paper towels when the midwife walked in. “I’m sorry. I threw up,” I said to her, although that would have been pretty obvious from the vomit covering my t-shirt and bed sheets (paper towels not being particularly appropriate […]

I Dream of Girls


By Carrie Beyer | Twitter: @clbeyerwriter 1. The wind I least want to wrestle away: the whispering one   that howls in secrets to the gentle girl who dares wear flowers   and a scarf in summer, and fails to bind her breasts with cups   or walk quickly enough through that wind that keeps distracting […]

Good News For Girls: Global Women Creating and Advocating


Women in Business Inzozi Nziza = Sweet Dreams, with Rwanda’s first ice cream parlour. In a place where it’s still unbearably hard to be a girl, a training programme for female mechanics in Goma, Congo. Sometimes it only takes one woman to turn around a town. Waste recycling + women on the margins = economic win […]



[TRIGGER WARNING: Descriptions of emotional abuse + stalking] By L. I knew something was wrong, during my short marriage to J., but couldn’t put my finger on it. One night, we watched a news story about a police chief who stalked, shot and killed his ex-wife in front of their children before turning the gun on […]