God Needs Dangerous Women?


I’m learning that out of ordinary friendship, the most extraordinary—and potentially dangerous—alliance is possible. Last year, I spent five days with one such holy alliance: my friend Kelley Nikondeha. We talk almost every day. It’s a friendship in which we sharpen each other, encourage each other and talk a lot about how to live out […]

In the Messy Middle of Faith


The first time I felt deep in my core that God was real I was 17, kneeling on a cold hard pew in a Catholic church that always had a lingering smell of incense and snuffed-out candles. At the time, a group of Christian musicians was visiting from another church. I’d never heard worship music […]

Cindy and the Pea


I have a condition of feeling small things. I am like The Princess and the Pea.* Throughout my life, I have been sensitive to the small things. From early childhood I would often find things would irritate my soul. Something small, one unkind word, could hurt me. Friends and family would try to assure me, “It’s not […]

Sowing, Summiting, Strutting: Good News for Girls


Some are humble. Some live in the limelight. None play small. Women in Agriculture Thyme + land = success for Lebanese women. Picturing Women–a beautiful portrait series of female farmers in Europe. Women spearhead biodiversity project in Tajikistan.   Women in Sport 11-year old Brooke Raboutou shatters climbing record. Call me what you want, I’m not […]

The Privilege of Being Small and Beloved


I spent my childhood hoping to make it big. I did pretty well. At age 12, I starred in a professional production of Annie in Phoenix, moving an hour away from my home in Tucson for the run of the show, and belting out Tomorrow in front of thousands of people. A year later, I […]