When Courage Means Saying Goodbye

I’ve been an editor for SheLoves for more than three and a half years. When I first started reading the magazine, well before I joined the editorial team, it was at a time when I needed to drink up words of freedom and justice. I needed to see the embodiment of women leading in the […]

Pretty Girls Have Long Hair, And Other Lies

I grew up in a fairly conservative church. Not so conservative that women were forbidden to cut their hair, but the line between beautiful and long hair was drawn thickly and clearly. Pretty girls, godly girls, had long hair. So I grew out my hair. It did not go well. My hair flatly refused to cascade […]

The God of Black Hair

I was born in August on a late Thursday morning. My mother was impressed with my pink lips and she was fascinated with my hair. That was about it. She had given birth to more beautiful children before me, but none of their hair could do what mine could do. According to my grandmother, who […]

Tangled in the Memories

by Amanda Tingle Taylor | @itTingles Time has a funny way of playing with your memories. Things that never seemed important to you in the present hold so much power over you as a memory. My daughter just moved out of my house for the first time. She is a college freshman living on campus. I […]

Holy Spirit Conditioner

We go through a lot of conditioner in our house. My husband and I use extra conditioner on our boys’ hair when it’s washed, then we spray down their curls with a leave-in detangler most every day in between. We comb through the tangles until the ringlets pop and bounce, mostly because they can’t do […]