The Sweetness of Marinating


The past six months have been crammed full of chaos. I hurt someone I care about deeply, because I couldn’t be what he needed me to be. My parked car was shot at and now the wind whistles through the hole in my windshield. I was fired from my job at the café where I […]

Dear God, Please Hurry Up


About six months ago, I lost my job. There were budget cuts and, just like that, a position I’d held for 14 years was gone. I expected it to be a hard transition, but it’s been strange in ways I didn’t expect. I didn’t expect so much of my identity to be tied up in […]

Co-dependent? Who, Me?


I’m a people person. I love people. Short, tall, funny, serious, empowered, empowering, clever, creative, strong, broken, sensitive, bossy, gentle … you name it, I love ‘em. Being a people person is one of my greatest assets. It’s taken me places I never expected to go and enabled me to do things I never envisioned […]

The Way We Win Matters


I had forgotten. Again. Recently, I watched a familiar scene play out: a vulnerable person gets pummeled by hurtful words, rejected through harmful teaching—in the name of Christ, no less—and the Jesus activist in me grew incensed, lighting up with an engulfing flame. I began to pack my arsenal and readied myself for battle, making […]

It is Oddly Satisfying to Tear Things Apart


The sheets gave out right where I sleep. Their softness had been turning to weakness in the last year. My hips rubbed about half-way down the bed, and it’s that place that was threadbare. When my husband and I married, we purchased two pairs of sheets for our bed. I’m habitually frugal, so we’ve had […]