When You’re Tired of Living Dangerously


I have found myself bowing out of the fight these days. Brokenness no longer looks beautiful. The dust seems incapable of creating a shiny earthen vessel. I’m tired, weak, distracted and downright afraid of danger. I get hit with this wet blanket every couple of months: my daughter’s disease is terminal. Incurable. And I serve […]

Storyteller, Question-Weaver


The idea of asking my sister the question fills me with ice. Katie’s voice is cheerful, unaware of my distress. Her phone crackles a bit in my ear as she tells me about the trip she and her family are planning to the Dominican Republic. She’s ready to escape the Detroit winter. “I’m gonna go […]

Dangerous Women = Good News for Girls!


Well, let me just put this on the table: every Good News for Girls column could be called “Dangerous Women!” This month I celebrate each dangerous woman whose story we get to share, and each one living dangerously in a quiet way. Meet Perna Devi (above)—elected official in her Indian village, leader, world changer! Claudia knits […]

My Lack of World-Changing Extracurriculars


A deliciously chubby six-month-old is swatting a plush green bird at my feet. His three-year-old brother is sleepily sprawled on the couch, watching Curious George. It’s a rare moment of still in our tireless household. The sun set hours ago, so all the lights are switched on, casting a hazy glow over the dishes piled […]

In Love’s Kitchen


When it’s over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement. I was a bridegroom, taking the world into my arms. – Mary Oliver I want the next line to read “Lord, let me have lived and loved dangerously.” I’m learning to love fear. I’m learning to be courageous […]