Standing Here


Oh, I so don’t want to do this, Lord. I want to sit in the back, shut my eyes, shutter my ears, close my mouth, still my voice. And yet, I cannot. You compel me, you urge me, you call me out. You tell me, in no uncertain terms, to stand up. To stand up […]

The Sweetest Journey


I have so much to do. [Shoulders creep up.] How am I going to get it all done in time? [Shoulders in knots.] I’m never going to get it all done in time. [Shoulders now replaced with boulders. Hard and heavy.] I should take a break.  I don’t have time to take a break.  That’s […]

The Divine Work of Freedom


I can tell you that my faith falls short sometimes. That my prayers come out weak and full of disclaimers. I can tell you that I don’t always believe in miracles. I can tell you that I selfishly want prayers to be answered so my own journey can be strengthened. I can tell you that […]

We Are Not Our Ideas


I consider myself fortunate to have known God from a young age. Although I am told God remains constant, my perception of God has certainly morphed through various stages of my life. When I was a child, God was a parent figure, protecting me, keeping me safe from scary things in the night. As a […]

I Am The Betrayer


A Personal Response to An Advent Lament by Diana Trautwein Often times personal lament and confession overlap. There are moments we see ourselves amid the ashes and we complain, confess, speak out our part in the wrongness of things. Reading the lament Diana offered, this one phrase haunted me relentlessly: “And sometimes, the betrayer is me.” […]