The Murmuration of the Body


I remember the first time I witnessed the beautiful choreography of a flock of starlings in flight. It was a sharply cool autumn afternoon and I had just finished spinning in circles, arms spread, hair flying. As I came out of my twirl I crumpled onto a clump of thick grass and felt the earth […]

Say Yes: The Birth of Mercy Ministries Canada


I am convinced the essence of all leadership is the ability to influence others to rise and do what they could never imagine doing on their own. The magnificent Nancy Alcorn, founder and director of Mercy Ministries, is a leader like that. My life was forever changed the day our paths crossed. I remember the […]

When The Bible Shredded My Heart


It was the night I stopped reading the Bible. I was on the faded green easy chair in my bedroom. Every night as the light faded from white to yellow to gold, I would open the Word and read. In college, reading the Bible was an OCD coping mechanism, a way I proved my worth and checked off […]

Let’s Make Our Steps Clear


This morning I heard one of my favourite Bruce Springsteen songs, If I Should Fall Behind. The lyrics paint a picture of sweethearts journeying through life side by side, promising to wait for one another if they should happen to fall out of step: “If as we’re walking, a hand should slip free I’ll wait […]

The Sunday She Stood


I was 30 years old the first time I heard a woman preach. And no, it wasn’t a women’s conference. Or a Bible study. She wasn’t a visiting missionary, or giving that cute little mini message that happens before the actual sermon. I mean honest-to-goodness-Sunday-morning-real-deal-preaching. I happened to be at a church I drop in on […]