The Gift of Silliness


There’s a little game my Mom played with us when we were kids. She’d sit us on her knees, and tell us to “hold on to the reins” as she took our hands and started to sing: This is the way the ladies ride, trit-trot, trit-trot, trit-trot. She’d bounce us carefully on her knees as […]

I Shall Be A Champion of Freedom and Justice


By Stephanie Sauer | @stephaniesauer1 “I shall be a Champion of Freedom and Justice.” “I shall build a more peaceful world.” I’m a 39-year-old mother of three. Seven months ago, I started Taekwondo training with my seven-year-old son, Jacob. Talk about getting out of my comfort zone! Even after seven months of training, I still have […]

Tearing Apart My Bible


When I was little, I would trail my mom to the fabric store nearly every month. It was middling in my list of errands: no toys, but the pattern books did provide some pre-Pinterest craft browsing. My mom would finger washable silk or ultra-suede, and I’d flip pages, trying to be patient. Once she decided, […]

The Love of a Mother

Nicole Blanket 4

I have read the story of how Moses’ mother hid him in a basket and placed it in the river among the reeds on numerous occasions. For those who wear the lenses of liberation, this is the beginning of the story of the human partner in Israel’s liberation from Egypt. For those who wear the lenses […]

A Love Letter to my Daughter’s Blankie


Dearest Blankie, When you were new, you were pink and soft and had silky satin edges. You had a velveteen underbelly, a polka-dotted sateen center, and a teeny giraffe tag was tucked in miniature stitches to the corner. You seemed unnecessarily expensive and plush for a baby, but you were given with so much love and […]