New Clothes Drive for Surrey Schools


It’s impossible for them to get a new pair of runners; It’s not impossible for us to give it.

For over five years, Kelly Voros was a single mom, raising two daughters. “I struggled to give my kids what they deserved,” she says. She had great family support and her children never really did without. “But my heart always broke for other moms who didn’t have help and couldn’t give their kids a new back-to-school outfit or meet other basic needs.”

Now Voros is heading up a “New Clothes Drive” to help outfit students at several schools in Surrey, BC. We are asking people to donate new jeans and runners for these students. The families this effort is helping are mainly new immigrants and single parent families.

“It’s for kids who’ve never received new clothes,” says Loretta Hibbs, community pastor at Relate Church in Surrey, BC. “We want to give them a new pair of runners, so they can know just how valuable and special they are. When they wear a new pair of runners, they think they’re so cool.” She saved up for her own first pair of new jeans when she was 13 and still remembers the feeling well.

“It’s impossible for them to get a new pair of runners; It’s not impossible for us to give it,” adds Hibbs.

“Imagine how their lives would change if they knew Jesus and had the support of a church family?” says Kelly Voros. “It changed my life and that of my kids during the last couple of ‘single parenting’ years. Suddenly, God was beside me in every decision, over every hurdle and through every worry. We were safe.”

Voros believes it’s about so much more than a pair of runners or a pair of new jeans. “By giving these moms the ability to give to their kids we show them the love of Jesus in the most tangible way,” she says. “We are sowing seeds of love in both the moms and the kids. We’re giving hope.”

The New Clothes Drive will run through the end of September. You can bring a pair of new jeans and/or runners to Relate Church or donate towards this effort. You can also donate online here. When you donate online, please indicate that the donation is intended for the “Clothes Drive.”