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Idelette McVicker
Ok, it all started on a tile floor in Taipei when this one phrase plopped into my spirit many many years ago: global good news magazine. It’s been quite the journey to get here–across continents and through many years, but it’s an honor to Love and inspire hearts here now–including my own–as we exchange stories. My desire is to see our feminine voices strong and bold, making a difference in this world. I blog at and tweet at @idelette.


Tina Francis
My name is Tina. Loved ones call me: Teen. I am drawn to all that is fresh, spontaneous and creative.

Confession: Some girls dream about Manolo Blahniks or their next Hermes bag. Not me. I dream of freshly baked bread, perfectly barbecued meat & steaming bowls of Pho. My dream lover *cue Mariah Carey song* is someone who would read out a menu to me in Barry White’s baritone voice. ha.ha. Everything about food makes my toes curl. The only thing that excites me more than eating food is beautiful pictures of food.

I was born and raised in Dubai and currently live in the beautiful city of Vancouver known for some of the best sushi in the world.


Kelley Johnson-Nikondeha

Kelley Johnson is director of Amahoro Africa with her husband Claude. She’s a thinker, connector, advocate, avid reader and mother of two beautiful children. Kelley blogs at Anchored in Burundi.




Helen Burns
Helen Burns and her husband, John, speak around the world on the topic of relationships. They host the popular TV show “Relate with John and Helen.”





Vera Raposo

Vera Raposo is involved with the marketing & technical side of She Loves Magazine. She has been an entrepreneur since 1996 which included owning five retail stores. Recently God told her to “clear her plate and open her heart.” So she sold her business and is now listening for God’s heart in her life. Vera was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia. She’s a wife & mom to three wonderful kids. She often blogs at & tweets from @veraraposo.


Natasha Files
Natasha is one smart girl who has walked the path she talks. Officially, here’s what she does: Natasha Files is Case Manager with a Mental Health and Addictions Team. She has experience working with youth and adults struggling with a variety of life-controlling issues and she specializes in eating disorders. Natasha’s passion for mental wellness began when she personally experienced the impact of a genuinely caring professional. That passion is paired with a love of espresso, only to be overshadowed by her desire to see women set free from life-controlling issues.



Sarah Bessey
Sarah Bessey lives in Abbotsford, BC with her husband and two (nearly three) tinies. She’s a happy clappy Jesus-lover, non-profit marketing director, blogger and simple living/social justice wannabe. She blogs at and is on Twitter @emergingmummy.



Angela Doell
Angela is a lover and a fighter. She and her husband Rod have been married for 17 years and they have two beautiful children, Madison (15) and Miller (11). Angela works with the creative & media teams at Relate Church in Surrey, BC where she oversees graphic design, art direction and marketing. She loves finding beauty in everyday life and is passionate about communicating hope and the reality of a living Jesus through media and design.




Trisha Baptie

Trisha Baptie is Executive Director of Honour Consulting and founding member of EVE (formerly Exploited Voices now Educating). In 2008 she won BC’s Courage to Come Back Award for her bravery in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, for giving the murdered women of Vancouver a voice through her trial coverage of Vancouver’s serial killer and for her ongoing activism. Follow Trisha’s tweets at @trisha_baptie or friend her on facebook. She recently founded EVE (formerly Exploited Voices Now Educating.)

Shirley Eu

Inquisitive quidnunc (without the gossip), voracious learner, atypical culture vulture, impulsive linguist, simplicity-addict, people-watcher, friend-collector, food-experimentalist. I have a bio. It’s somewhere.



Michelle Hamman


Michelle Hamman is the owner of and loves traveling and exploring with her husband and two beautiful girls. During their sabbatical last year, they lived in 3 different countries, took way too many photos, didn’t do enough homeschooling, and don’t regret any of it. Between travels, she lives with her family in Holland, Michigan.





Ashley Mandanici

My name is Ashley and I am the Children’s Ministry Coordinator at Relate Church in Surrey, B.C. My mission is to develop the God-given potential in every child who crosses my path *Insert Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love of All” here*. I love all things jazzy, particularly music, and I tend to break into song throughout the day for no apparent reason. I blog here and tweet @AshleyMandanici



Frances Stone

Frances Stone is a single mother of three loved and chosen children. She is the author of A Reflection of Love, her her self-published memoir of how she came to believe in Jesus Christ. She is a a reader, writer and a perpetual student of love.






Christi Walter

Christi has a Communications degree from Trinity Western University. She loves stories and feels privileged to have heard some truly incredible ones while interning at Childcare Canada. Christi hopes to figure out how she can best use her gifts to impact the world around her. Her greatest passions are writing and travel. Over the next few months she’ll be in Australia where she’ll hopefully do plenty of both.




Michelle Miller
Michelle Miller is Executive Director of REED (Resist Exploitation, Embrace Dignity). Founded in May 2005, REED stands against trafficking and sexual exploitation through outreach, advocacy and education.
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Winnie Lui

The wave of Asian immigration in the 1990s brought Winnie to Canada on a little red-mast junk. To fulfill her family’s dream of running a business in Hong Kong and giving the children a Western education, Winnie’s father commuted home to Canada during Christmas and Chinese New Year, and Winnie herself spent her childhood between the two continents and among many different schools and neighbourhoods. Her growing up experience has become a mosaic of cultures, languages, and perspectives.




Romel Saplaco

A special shout out to Rom, who loves drumming and is our WordPress whizz. We definitely couldn’t do this without Rom. Check out his designs.


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