A Poem about Human Trafficking


Your Life is Priceless

[an excerpt]

By Phumzile Zwane

Your Life is Priceless

Your life has no currency

A single rand* is not worth your dignity

Pricing your body cannot define your identity

Avoid affinity and lift your own integrity.


Human figured minds, myopic about their immoral lives

Why they can’t just move away from these shattered lives.

Shipments of humans treated as objects in exchange of a decent life.

Selling minds, selling lives, ripping away dreams.


Their hearts cold,

worth hatred

shifted to their toes

and yet the truth remains untold.


Equal in brain that drains, the pains running through their veins

This is a new generation,

with less integration,

with no future intensions,


intuition is not introspected


This freedom is taken for granted

These temples are no longer respected

Our minds are objected


You are not for sale

You cannot be bought, neither sold

For God owns your soul


Remember God in all cases

Every season for every reason

For God knows your life is priceless


*The Rand is the currency in South Africa


About Phumzile:

Phumzile Cynthia Zwane is 17 years old and a Grade 12 pupil at Nellmapius Secondary school in Pretoria, South Africa. She hopes to pursue a career in radiography or geology. She loves writing poetry in her spare time.

Image credit: Peaceful, by Carol O’Driscoll

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