Five soulful strategies for a new year.


After a busy holiday season I’m excited to settle back into routine. That said, I’m hoping 2011 will look a little different than 2010 since I’ve gained a year of experience and, hopefully, wisdom!

There’s been much talk about defining the year with just one word. I love this and have been honoured to read many words from great women; my favourite being, “Roar!”

My own word for 2011 surprised me, but as I sit with it, I’m beginning to see the magnitude of what it represents. My word is: de-clutter. Getting rid of the clutter in my heart, mind, schedule and world.

So, today, as you think about your one word and the year that lies ahead, I encourage you to take the following into consideration:

  1. Purpose: Do you know your life purpose? Do you have a mission statement? If you had to write a paragraph describing why you live on earth, what would you say? Does the way you are currently living your life line up with how you would like to be living? What needs to change?
  2. Balance: Whether it’s money, food, alcohol or social gatherings, Christmas is an easy excuse to overspend, overeat, imbibe and wear yourself out completely. Now, on the other side of the holiday, what areas do you need to reign in? It’s never too late to change paths and start walking to Higher ground, but it means being honest about the current situation. Are there areas in your life where need to regain balance? If so, what is the most reasonable way to do this? Sometimes asking a friend to help brainstorm and set attainable goals, is a great way to start.
  3. Delight: it’s no secret that the New Year can be an overflow of holiday stress. In this new season find reasons to be delighted in the moment. As you get home from a long day in the office, pause and wonder at the stars before heading inside to tackle laundry or homework. Instead of cursing at the snow as a schedule paralyzer, accept the reality that everyone has been prescribed a “snow day” and pause to admire the glistening snowflakes.
  4. Imperfection: don’t allow your inner perfectionist to run the show. Resolutions may be set, but they don’t need to be the deciding factors of happiness. Take a deep breath, remind yourself that perfection is overrated, and look for the amazing things the moment holds.
  5. Perspective: if you knew this was your last year on earth, what would you do differently? Instead of spending January overwhelmed about planning for the future, focus on the now. What is most important to you? Who have you been avoiding connecting with? What would you do differently if you knew this year needed to be intentional? Now let’s do it.

Question: What is one thing that stands in your way today of being the person you were created to be?