Getting Real, with Trisha Baptie


Getting to know each other + two things my life is based on + rewiring my brain + pools of humility

By Trisha Baptie | Twitter: @trisha_baptie

Well, hello!

Not sure if you know, but we are about to embark on a committed relationship here. Let me be clear, I am phobic of committed relationships. But I love Idelette and I love bringing attention to issues I am passionate about and I am always happy to talk in a vernacular of faith amongst sisters of faith.

Some of you may know a bit about me, some may not, but if we are about to start a relationship, I suppose I should tell you a few things about me, my faith and what makes me tick.

About me.

I am loud, opinionated, passionate about loving and living well and aware I fail at that daily. I encourage fun, pray for grace and think my faith is always under construction. My life is based on two things: one a truth–Jesus loves me ; and one thing he said–take care of the poor, widows and orphans.

My pastor who taught me all I know (actually VeggieTales did, but don’t tell him that) said the modern-day widows are single moms. I agree.

He also said the modern day orphans are all the children of this fatherless generation. Two outta my three kids fit that category. I agree.

I also agree that we must take care of the actual widows and orphans and always be willing to share with everyone from what we have. I figure if I strive to get that right all, else will fall into place. I get easily confused by deep theological discussion, so unless you can directly correlate it to serving the poor, widows and orphans, I blame my ADD and move onto simpler discussions like:

  • Looking at colonialism (Where I live, in Vancouver, BC, I am very aware that we are on stolen native land. These lands were never surrendered or given up. We’ll go more into that later.)
  • Feminism
  • Violence against women
  • The feminization of poverty
  • How I am the most unorganized person you will ever meet
  • Patriarchy (and yes, I ponder how it has hijacked my faith, how I view God and think almost daily about what my faith looks like without the filter of patriarchy)
  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Victoria, BC, where you can get THE BEST chicken, brie, pesto, green apple pizza
  • Life as a single mom and former prostitute
  • Electronic gadgets (I LOVE them!)
  • Lack of mental health facilities, capitalism, and how I can best represent Jesus in all of them.

This then means I usually need to die to self in some way, rewire the way my brain thinks about something and be willing to be sacrificial. All while realizing every day I will get something wrong, so if I am truly going to be one of Jesus’ PR people, I better do it with a pool of humility and way less than a thimbleful of pride.

These are the topics that make my heart race and my life feel complete when I talk about them. I always try to live being profoundly aware of my place, space and privilege in the world and how I have to be aware of all of those when I am analyzing the world and how it works. I am also aware that all of our laws, social policy, etc were written by privileged Caucasian men,so they are all heterosexual, homogenic, centered laws that negatively impact anyone who isn’t that, which means almost everything I am …. so we will be talking a lot about laws and social policy and how they need to be changed to help, not harm. How we have criminalized poverty amongst many other things, and how our penal institutions are largely filled with those who need our help

I also have an odd writing style. I have no idea how to write is the truth. Truth is, I find it one of the most difficult and time-consuming things to do. So what I actually do is imagine you were sitting across from me and I am chatting to you. Which can drive some people mental as a writing style but for the life of me I cannot think up any other way of writing. Which is fine for speeches, but makes Idelette’s editing job a nightmare ) [editor’s note: not true!] and can make bi-weekly entries on this fab site a ‘lil tricky. But I’ll try  it, and we’ll see if in fact SheLoves could be the first committed relationship in my life that actually works out.



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