Race Day: Why Are We Running for Living Hope Today?


Today we are running …

By Idelette McVicker and the SheLoves Sisterhood

It’s 1:53am and I really should be in bed. Tomorrow–ok, in a few hours–it’s our VERY. BIG. RACE DAY. But I’ve been combing through pictures, re-sizing them and uploading them, because it was super important to me that you would have a glimpse of the people who are making this SheLoves Half-Marathon for Living Hope a big, beautiful story. I wanted you to hear from the girls (and guys) who are running this race together–see their faces and hear their words.

But how did this story begin? If you haven’t followed along with us, our TGIF Tina Francis explains beautifully:

Here’s our posse of outrageous girls (and a guy) who are running today:

This is what they said:

Tina Francis, of course:

Today I am running for my sisters: awaking from slumber, busting through walls, crying for freedom, dreaming of change, expecting miracles, forgiving the past, gushing tears, humming peace, ignoring cynics, joining hands, kicking down doors, loving loudly, mourning injustice, nursing hope, owning my story, protecting purpose, questioning injustice, restoring dignity, securing second-chances, trusting God, unifying voices, validating tears and witnessing revolution.

Today I am running because I am my sister’s keeper.

Daniela Schwartz

Today I’m running to shine a light of hope into women’s futures so brightly that a past ravaged by darkness will be overcome. A light that only the love of Jesus brings.

* * *

Destiny Loeve

Today I am running with more heart, determination, stamina and pain than I ever have before.

Today I am running alongside a gutsy company of friends who are abandoning comfort to shout: I will be the change!

Today I am running, inspired by the courage and bravery of my Ugandan sisters. This is for you.

* * *

Brandi-Lee Doucette

Today I am running for two reasons: first and foremost to help in any way I can to help bring this injustice to its knees and bow at the name of Jesus. Secondly, and I totally admit this is a little selfish, to prove to myself that I can do this.

* * *

Catherine Riddington

Today I’m running, because love has a responsibility! Galatians 6:2 ” Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ”.

I want to help give our sisters a voice that has been silenced for too long. To stand up for their justice in the name of God, who is love and compassion. God has blessed me with freedom, I am using my freedom to run freely, and proudly, and in each stride I take, I know it’s to give the power back to these courageous sisters. I am running in their honor, to show our sisters, that they are loved, they are not forgotten and they matter!

* * *

Sharlynne Pickering

Today I am running because I was given an opportunity to show God’s love in action.

* * *

Joshua Loeve

Today I’m running to support Destiny and inspire my kids.

* * *

Helen Balzer

Today I am running because there is a need worthy of a response from those who not only can but will. I felt God say, “Helen, will you?” I’m honoured to serve my sisters who share the same dreams and passions that I do + hope this encourages them to continue to believe God for the impossible.

* * *

Amelia Vine

My dearest Sister in Uganda … I run for YOU who cannot change what has been done…. I run for YOU who endured the abuse, rejection, torture and pain. I run for YOU whom I do not know but GOD knows and with every heart beat… I will run with Love to tell YOU my Ugandan sister – you are LOVED!

I love that we can help change their world … because God changed ours!

* * *

Nicole Dahl

Today I am running because what has been done to these woman is NOT ok. I can do something to let them know that they matter, they are loved and they deserve a better tomorrow.

* * *

Julie Moore

Today I am running because I can’t do everything, but I can do something.

* * *

Sherrine Francis

Today I am running … to stand up for my sisters who have been bullied by piercing words and harmful hands.

* * *

Kortni Loeve

Today I am running to bring hope to those who are hopeless, to empower those who have been disgraced and to encourage future generations that with God ALL things are possible!

* * *

Njoki Wa Mbui

Today I am running for love, for freedom, for restoration, for empowerment, for change. Stepping out of my cushy life and pushing myself to the limit for my Ugandan sisters. If God would give up His only son for love, for my restoration, for my freedom, it makes running 21K for the sake of my sisters so… ahhh * easy*. Together, we are collectively making a statement for change by being a voice for the silenced.

* * *

Jodi Reimer

Today I am running to lend my freedom, health and strength to sisters struggling to find theirs. The global Sisterhood is rising and God’s goodness will be known on the earth.

* * *

Shannon Haerdi

Today I am running for those who can not. I am running for my sisters in Uganda who need our support, love and encouragement. You are not alone.

* * *

Jenn Cuthbert Hampton

Today I am running for a new testimony for me and the sisters of Uganda…Today I am running to get over my own selfishness and bring joy to others…Today I am running to honour God’s faithfulness in allowing us to do things that are bigger than ourselves…

I am running for so much … !

* * *

Katherine Folkers

Today I am running to get out of my small life and expand my future; sowing into the lives of women who are deserving and worthy of so much more than I have. I am running for them, for my daughter and women all across the world.

* * *

Lindsay Anne Jangalee

Today I am running to bring glory to God and show a broken world that the impossible is possible through Jesus. To connect hearts with my sisters here in Canada and in Uganda to say I SEE you and you are not alone.

* * *

Zoraida Moore

Today I am running because life is not about me but is about others and I know I can make a difference in their lives!

* * *

Kelly Dawson

Today I am running for opportunity.

* * *

Eliza Biason

Today I am running to be salt and light in THE darkest places with strength that is not my own.

* * *

Stephanie Atwell

Today I am running to conquer fear and cement the power of a company of women

* * *

Michelle Soon

Today I am running for hope and a future.

* * *

Jenna Liesch

Today I am running (walking!) to bring strength, encouragement, and love to my sisters in Uganda.

* * *

Joryli Muyco

Today I am running to conquer past, present and future fears, to know that nothing really is impossible when done with God.

* * *

Trinity Robertson

I am running, so my sisters in Uganda can confidently move forward in their new lives living the good life God intended them to have … knowing they are valued and loved every step of the way.

And here I am: Idelette McVicker

Today I’m running for every woman who has ever been diminished, violated or silenced.

Today I’m running for a new world where women are equal, safe and valued.

Today I’m running for the growing vision of Sisterhood–where the circle is large and the core is Love.

—->> Scott, my hubby, just yelled down that I’m “ruining my run” by being up still. However, my run is only as strong as these voices and images you just saw. I know that for sure.

See you on the other end of 21km,

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Thank you for joining us on this journey. Please pray for us today as we run.

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