SheLoves: Christmas Card Project for Famine Relief in East Africa


What if we all did something?

By Daniela Schwartz | Twitter: @dannyschwartz

We were sitting at family dinner and I was trying to get my eight-year-old boy to eat his food. I heard the words leave my lips: “Owen, you should be thankful for the food you have, there are starving children in Africa.”

My husband added: “Actually, there’s a famine in East Africa.”

We explained how there’s no rain and no means to grow or raise food. That unless aid is sent, people will starve to death. I could see the concern on Owen’s face, but that is where we left it. Later that night, in bed, I was surfing on Pinterestfor home decor and my baby boy’s first birthday party ideas. Then, in the midst of looking at a sea of beautiful things, I saw this image:

REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

The image disturbed me to my soul. Dinner with my son came to mind. I laid in bed that night thinking, Who am I? What am I really teaching my kid? Am I saying: Feel guilty … and eat your food, because that will help the people of East Africa? Am I a women of action?

Do I want to teach my kids that bad things happen and someone else will take care of it? That’s so not who I am and Owen is capable of doing something.

As that moment I was two days post running in our SheLoves Half-Marathon for Living Hope. My body was still in pain from the beating it took during the 90 days of training and I was tired, but I knew this was an opportunity to teach Owen.

I emailed the image to my friend, Idelette (the editor of SheLoves) and we began to talk about what we could do. She was also two days post half-marathon, but she had been equally moved/haunted. We also prayed and giggled a little at our gumption. (Sidenote: Isn’t “gumption” a fantastically under-used word today? )

We birthed the idea of a Christmas card project. The children would design the art; it was important to us that the children be part of this project.

The next night I was tucking Owen in and I told him about the idea. I saw the little wheels turning in his head; then his eyes lit up and he said to me: “That is actually a pretty good idea, Mom.”

[Yes, Owen, your mother is no slouch.]

He was so excited to get started and said, “Just wait! I’ll get my markers and some paper.”



The Project

We have put together a collection of ten pieces of art, created from the hearts of our children. These have been printed up as Christmas cards and we are selling these packs of cards to raise funds and awareness for the famine happening at this very moment in East Africa.

My prayer is that our children will know that no hands are too little in God’s hands.

All proceeds from this project will be donated to World Vision to support their efforts in East Africa. There are 10 million people in desperate need at this moment and we have the power to help.

Here’s what I know: We can’t do everything, but we can all do something.

Here’s my something … because I am a woman of action.

Would you consider joining us in doing something, by purchasing these Christmas cards? 

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About Daniela:
Daniela is stepping into the role of stay-at-home mom. She loves Jesus, her husband and kids and jumps feet first into opportunities to serve in her community. Daniela lives by this statement, “Preach the gospel always, use words when necessary.” She loves to live life big and laughs a lot. She blogs with her twin sister Trinity at Lime in the coconuts.