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Mexico: Between Paradise and a Hard Place

Have you ever experienced something so beautiful that … it made you want to pull your hair out, rip your clothes off, beat your chest, swing from jungle vines in loin cloth bellowing like Tarzan?

And yet … you stood perfectly still, afraid to breathe, speak, form words or even whisper because you didn’t dare ruin the moment.

You wonder: How could something be so maddeningly, paralyzingly beautiful?

That was me in Cabo.

The Sun (feat. Nili) – Villeneuve from duriez jérémie on Vimeo.

I went to Cabo with a tired and messy heart.

First, there was Japan with its tsunamis, earthquakes, nuclear radiation and resilient people. Simultaneously there was Egypt, Libya, Bahrain with its political tsunamis and earthquakes, unrest caused by restless, unified voices demanding change. Both, affecting lives in monumental ways and altering history as we know it.

In a parallel universe, I was barreling down the highway of my life at breakneck speed, only to realize that my brakes weren’t working anymore. I had bitten off more than I could chew, committed to so many things and there was going to be a … crash.

Cosmic Reset

Sitting in front of the ocean, watching the enormous waves crashing onto the shore … changed something on the inside of me.

My heart was like a bathtub drain clogged with tangled hair and mysterious bath-gunk. Gunk that made my heart numb. Numb to beauty and pain. Like Drano, each rolling, thundering wave, melted away the gunk around my heart. With each receding wave I felt: a-little-more naked, a-little-more raw and a-little-more … alive.

God hit the Cosmic Reset button on my life. Restore to factory settings.

When You Say Nothing At All

I’m a talker and yet, I barely said anything in Cabo. I tend to get really quiet when my heart is saturated. So I listened, smiled, took lots of pictures and when my heart was absolutely bursting at the seams, I scribbled cryptic phrases in my journal.

We Are a Family

Three days into the trip, we rented a vehicle and drove into town to see Cabo’s iconic Arch.

15 loud Indians. One brave, Jewish, white boy. 16 people ignoring the social norms of personal space packed into a 12-seater van.

The groovy bossa nova on the radio was abruptly interrupted by a cd of loud, pulsing, Bhangra music. It felt like a scene right out of Bend it like Beckham.

Our little posse was evenly split between: The Kids (mortified by their hardcore parents) vs. The Parents (thrilled to be egging on their annoyed kids.) Classic. I wanted to clap loudly and yell over the music, “THIS.IS.AWESOME!” But I just smiled, took a mental picture and vowed to journal about the personal highlight later.

Our little white rental van, vibrating with the intoxicating Punjabi drumbeat, made its way through the streets of Mexico: Away from the resort, the beautiful beaches and the army of tourists. After a semi-heated debate about parking (we’re passionate people), we settled on a dusty lot close to the Marina. We slowly filed out of the car,  grabbing towels and bags out of the trunk.

I was changing the lens on my camera when I suddenly noticed the scurry of little feet disappear behind the van. I followed the feet to discover…

To be continued….


Anatomy of a Cupcake + Robot Elephants + Font Love + Spex Club + Punch Brothers= TGIF!

1. I love a good cupcake. Who doesn’t? Friends,  Allen and Sarah put this gem together as a birthday present for their friend Lesleigh! You can watch the ‘making-of’ video and order a print here.

2. My 16 yr. old brother is always day-dreaming. I’d be willing to bet my hair straightener (read: woah), that this stop-motion video is an accurate snapshot of what goes on in his little head. Incredible sound design and intelligent writing. Robot Elephants RULE!

(notes on) biology from ornana films on Vimeo.

3. What would happen if you put gorgeous typography in a pop-up book? You would get graphic designer Victoria Macey’s masterpiece: Bodoni Bedlam So pretty!

4. Gone are the days where glasses conjure up the image of an acne-speckled, socially awkward teen getting shoved into a locker. I found this stylish collection of budget friendly reading glasses on the Spex Club on Bonnie’s fabulous blog. Personal faves: Pfeiffer and anything from their extensive Tortoise collection. Proceed to their online store with caution.

5. Okay before you judge me for my musical pick of the week, I want you to keep an open mind. I think I’ve fallen in love with … bluegrass. It’s true. I’m a convert. I happened upon a fantastic band called the Punch Brothers. Mark my words, these guys are going to blow up! Good music is good music, regardless of genre. The lead singer sounds a little like Jamie Cullum on the cd version of the song.

BONUS: Steve Martin joins their performance on Letterman. What the cardigan…! Who, here, knew Steve could play the banjo?

Steve Martin talking up the Punch Brothers:


So, here’s what I’m dying to hear:

– When was the last time you experienced something so maddeningly, paralyzingly beautiful?
–  When was the last time God hit the Cosmic Reset button on your life?

Love you more than sipping on a tall glass of Mango Lassi while watching India play in the Cricket finals.

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