What Does Running a Half-Marathon with Your Sisters Look Like?


On hugs, sweat ‘n tears.

Photos by Brandi-Lee Doucette and friends | Twitter: @brandilee1

It’s hard to put into words what we (38 women + Josh) accomplished yesterday. It’s hard to give expression to the strength and camaraderie we saw yesterday as we supported and suffered (yes, it was hard) on behalf of our sisters in Northern Uganda. Stiff knees, sore hamstrings, purple toes and seizing hips seem insignificant compared to what some of our sisters have endured. We are laughing and crying, because yesterday “the good guys” won for a change.

Thirty-eighty women in our world have come alive. Our Facebook newsfeed is proof of that. There is a steady stream of “likes,” notes, comments, pictures, tweets and emails flying around. Our friends and family have rallied so beautifully around this cause—there’s something about a company of women rising up to be the change that sets hearts ablaze and moves others to mobilize too.

We hope these pictures communicate some of the very big emotion of our day.

We love you more than carbo-loading before race day,
Teen + Idelette