Thank You for a Very Mercy Christmas


“I wished we could can the squeals of delight, tears of joy and the looks of disbelief as the women unwrapped their gifts.”

By Rebecca Graham | Twitter: @RebeccaGraham30 and

 Musu Taylor-Lewis | Twitter: @mercycanada

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

This year I had a dream: I dreamed of a Mercy Christmas. It was a dream in which the residents of the Mercy Ministries home would be showered with love. A love that many of them have never known. I shared it with you last month and then, together, we made that dream come true.

I dreamed they would feel accepted and know they truly belonged, that they would be able to receive without any expectation of giving back.

I asked you, my SheLoves family, if you would stand with me in my dream to shower love on the current residents of Mercy Ministries of Canada.

Yes, my dream was big.

Yes, there were bumps along the way.

Yes, at times the goal seemed unattainable.

But, I’ve learned throughout my life’s journey that what may seem impossible in the world’s eyes, is never impossible in the eyes of God.

On Nov. 17 we launched our SheLoves Mercy Christmas Project. I was so nervous. I knew the goal amount was huge–we wanted to raise $3,600–but I have also been a part of this family long enough to know we were able.

Together in Love

That first day was incredible. I cried all day. Happy tears—tears of pure gratitude. I watched people from around the world gather and unite with a mission. That mission was to extend unconditional love to hurting women.

I was humbled and in awe. It felt as though we were Jesus’ hands helping others in need.

But a challenge arose on the second day. We’d decided to use a chipin account as our donation method and the chipin site went down. After a day, the Sheloves team knew we needed to take a different route.

I prayed: “God, I know you’ve got this,” but honestly as I looked at that frozen widget in our sidebar, doubt crept into my mind.

Relate Church agreed the donations could flow through their hands. (Thank You, Relate Church. Thank you, God.)

More prayer, a Skype call, standing in faith, another article and the remainder of the donations came in.

Together we reached our goal and on Thursday, December 13th, the beautiful Mercy Girls received their gifts. Your gifts. Our gifts. No strings attached. Full of love and covered in prayer.

What Love Looks Like

The evening of their annual Mercy Christmas party was magical. After a day spent ice skating and a visit to Starbucks (thanks to gift cards from a supporter), the Mercy girls walked into a room filled with love-packed, beautifully wrapped gifts. Well-wishers, prayer partners, churches, individuals and our SheLoves sisterhood came together to help create an unforgettable evening for the girls.

I wished we could can the squeals of delight, the tears of joy and the looks of disbelief as the women unwrapped their gifts. One by one each girl realized just how loved she really is. As they pulled the Christmas-cracker filled with the donations from SheLoves readers, there was a moment of stunned silence. Then tears rolled down their cheeks.

This very practical gift–an opportunity to buy some new clothes–not only met some of their basic physical needs, but also helped restore dignity to their lives.

So, from myself and all of the Mercy girls: Thank you!

Thank you so much for giving a gift that goes beyond what any of us could think or imagine.


About Rebecca:

I am a Lover of God, wife to an incredible man, and mother to two amazing boys! We live in the Greater Toronto Area, where we live life every day to the fullest. That includes the blessing of being a stay-at-home mom, baking, crafting, creating, and just taking the time to ‘be’ together. Life circumstances brought me to Mercy Ministries of Canada as a resident in 2010, where I learned of the Love that God has for me. My life is now about showing that Love to everyone I meet!


About Musu:

My life is lived out of the calling “to advance Christ-centred work.” I am currently Director of Marketing and Development at Mercy Ministries, working to get the word out about the life-transforming work that takes place here. Prior to my work at Mercy, I directed a Crisis Pregnancy Centre, studied Christianity and Culture at Regent College and co-led women’s programs at my local church. I have four great children and am married to Steven, a gift to me from the Creator.