Being Still in a Culture that Values Action


“I have a voice that speaks from the core of who I am and reminds me several times a day how important it is to be still and relish in the moment.”

By Amelia Englemark | Twitter: @AmyEnglemark

I’ve been very busy lately.

Sometimes I wonder why I’m pursuing business at the same time as raising a family. Then I remember that I like a good adventure; so really, what better time to pursue a dream?

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, chores, responsibilities and tending to kids, I can easily put aside my need for silence. I have a voice that speaks from the core of who I am and reminds me several times a day how important it is to be still and relish in the moment.

Be still and know that my life has great purpose.

Be still and let go of the weight that often comes with busyness.

A still small voice

When I listen to that still small voice I am more satisfied and at peace during my day. I take the opportunity to be still whenever time permits, even if that opportunity only lasts for five minutes or a bathroom break. When I take those breaks to be still, I remember the purpose in the actions I take throughout my day.

In our society we are so conditioned to accomplish and live in this state of action. Who ever said great things can’t happen when we are still? Imagine the ideas and inventions that were created during times of stillness. Think of the clarity we gain when we stop to contemplate the greater “why’s” and “how’s” that apply to our lives. “Why am I pursuing this?” and “How will I make this happen?”

We are taught that when we slow down we are being lazy, that taking time to look at internal matters of the heart is not a productive use of time. A productive use of time falls under the category of results that can be seen and even measured. But even things that are unseen and can’t be measured are equally as important.

What’s really important?

Take my sanity for instance: if I didn’t take the time to pursue creativity and relaxation I would probably get all the dishes, laundry and lunches made, but still feel somewhat empty. On the other hand, if I made stillness and personal time a priority in my life, I would be much more fulfilled, my husband and kids would be happier (because they have to live with me) and my heart, mind and spirit would have more peace and clarity.

I know I need to take more time to be still. I am constantly reminded, in a loving way. When I do take this time, I, as well as those around me benefit. I am more fulfilled, focused and present.

I liken action to being on the defensive team. Living in a perpetual state of action can tend to mold us into these people who react to everything. Whereas valuing stillness in our lives is like being on the offensive team. We can see what’s coming ahead of time and have a plan for how we will act and use time.

Don’t misunderstand me—I don’t think we should stop being productive or moving forward with our plans. But for myself, I just know I need to take breaks and acknowledge my hard work—simply take time to be still.  And my mind, body and spirit will thank me for it.


So, dear SheLoves readers

  • When was the last time you remember taking a break and putting your feet up?
  • What are three benefits of being still that you can foresee?
  • Where do you need to take more action and where do you need to relax?


About Amy:

I am a Certified Professional Career and Life Coach through the International Coach Academy. I empower executives and entrepreneurs to find and pursue their career passion. I am thankful for passion in my career and relationships and want others to enjoy the same. If you’d like to find out how to move forward towards the career and life you’ve only dreamed of, you can get to know me at I love hiking, mountain biking, travelling and any sort of adventure.

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