For Shame or Freedom?


” … we weave a banner of love as nouns and verbs to guard and protect …”

Have you seen these images floating around the Internet, on your Facebook newsfeed or maybe on Pinterest?

I understand what people are trying to say. Really, I do. I’m a woman with curves myself and I’ve made a promise to my daughters that I will not call myself fat. Trust me, I get it.

But this type of thing?

Not helping women at all.

Because shame never helps.

Has shame ever helped a woman? This is just the other side of that same “You’re not enough” coin. One side telling us that we are not enough because we are not thin and the other telling us that we are not enough because we are not curvy. The coin is flipped–over and over–and all we “win” is the Divide-and-Conquer strategy of the enemy for the daughters of God, a planting and tending of that old Compare-and-Contrast seed of jealousy, undermining relationships, courage, guts, friendship, vulnerability, sisterhood.

We won’t shame each other into wholeness. Or love. Or acceptance. Or freedom. For the anorexic or the obese or the alcoholic or the drug addict or any one else engaged in a battle. We only shame each other–ourselves?–into negative, terrible patterns, behaviours, ways of thinking, bondage, division. Shame is insidious because it can sound reasonable to our own ears, but it always ends in the same place: a prison.

And sadly, so much of what passes as “empowering women” is really only another form of shame, an updated version of “worthless” unless you measure up.

Beloved, the voice of God–in your life, in the pages of your Bible, whispering in your heart, spoken in your own mouth–will not shame you.

No, God’s voice tells you that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, that he lavishes love on you, that he is the giver of every good gift in your life, that you are treasured, created and chosen.  (You can read more about that here through the Father’s Love Letter.)

And when we are women of God, we speak the same language of love for and about each other,

we weave a banner of love as nouns and verbs to guard and protect,

to trail-blaze, for our mothers, our daughters:

you are beautiful, you have worth, you are valuable – NOW.

I love you, I see you, I hear you, my sister.

So put that on Pinterest.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest