Trinity’s Glee-Inducing Friday: My Valentine Inspiration


Hearts and Inspiration from a Girl who Loves the Holidays

By Trinity Robertson


That’s my word for the year.

Courage: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

This is my first SheLoves post and I am terrified … totally and completely. I’m not a writer … at least I don’t think I am. I don’t bare my soul … ever. I have written, written and deleted this article at least twenty times. As soon as I get to the writing about me part, I panic. What do I say? It’s not like I don’t have important things to say … I just find when it comes to matters of the heart, well, I’m socially and emotionally challenged. I fear it. Which is a big reason I picked the word courage.

I have entered in a new season of my life. Things are changing and I am going to have to overcome some of the fears in my life.

So, here are three things in my life I need courage for:

1. Living the life God wants for me.

2. Learning to trust

3. Sharing my heart

Here’s what most of my friends know about me: I am an avid DIYer. I love making things and taking on new projects. Sometimes it works out … sometimes it doesn’t. But for me, every holiday brings excitement.

I love making holidays special for my kids. When I take the time to create special moments with them it’s like planting little happy seeds in their hearts.

One successfully planted, happy seed:

This is what I hope to do this Valentine’s Day, if I don’t run out of time or get too distracted with other things:

Here are some of the things I’ve found to inspire my DIY genes:

  • Ideas for Homemade Valentines:

  • Treats for their Class

  • Decorations for Around the House

Now, the Flowers

Every year I get a dozen roses. Two things: I really hate it when they die right away and two, I can never get them to look quite right. So, I did a little research and found out a dozen rose are actually very hard to arrange. This is what I learned:

  • Don’t put your roses in a vase that is too big
  • and don’t leave the stems too long.

If we know roses are coming at least once a year, we might as well be ready for them. Invest in a vase that will show them off beautifully. Just make sure it has a narrow neck, perfect for dealing with a dozen.

It never ceases to amaze me how anything I wonder about I can find all that answers I need on either a website on amazing blogs like The Art of Doing Stuff. (Thank you, Karen, for all the great info!) Definitely check out her site for great arrangement ideas.

For some more great info on caring, cutting and arranging roses, go to Martha’s site here.

If you would like tutorials or more information on any of the things I’ve shown here today, you can find all the links on my Pinterest Valentine page.


Trin’s DIY

I’ve always got a DIY project on the go. Right now, it’s photo pillows.

I was on the House and Home website, checking out trends for 2012, when I saw this.

It’s from a very cool store called Archival Decor. This 18×18 pillow will run you $245. Ouch

So, I made my own version. They are not as big, but I like them.

Cost of these ones? Around $10. For the full DIY, please go to my blog.


So, my SheLoves friends:

1. What are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year?

2. Is there any current DIY projects you would like to share?

3. Where in your life do you need some courage?


About Trinity:

I have entered into a new season of my life. Each day brings something new and I am looking forward to seeing what lies ahead. I am loving being home with my kids, being a wife, spending time with family and friends.I love my home. It is our sanctuary, a place for God, rest, memories, love, laughter and happiness. We come together to grow, support, cry, get angry, celebrate, act crazy, be goofy, and strengthen…knowing this is the place we won’t be judged or criticized but instead where we will support and encourage and guide. Mistakes are forgiven and second chances never run out. To gather with my friends and family for a times of joy and love is the place I most love to be.

I blog with my sister at Lime in the coconuts.