Vera’s One Word 2011: Open


“There was no way to continue and do God’s work without sharing and opening up my heart.”

By Vera Raposo | Twitter: @veraraposo

The last few years have been highly stressful and, without God, there’s no way I could have held it together. With my daughter who fought cancer twice and all that she endured, there’s no way I could have felt strong enough without God. The big word for me going through that time was Hope. There was and is always Hope in Christ.

Moving into last year, I knew God was teaching me to open up my heart. I had remained closed off to many people and knew that it wasn’t healthy for me at all. I feel like my heart has been opened up like a door slowly cracking open. There was no way to continue and do God’s work without sharing and opening up my heart. He needs us to see what He sees, serve others by being His hands and love those who need love. I will continue to develop my heart for next year, but feel a stirring in my spirit for a new word for 2012.


I am excited to focus more on how to use my own hands for what God has specifically purposed me for in this life. The picture is so clear that hands can give someone hope by giving them a hug. My hands can fold in prayer for someone who needs prayer; my hands can touch the arms, backs and faces of dear precious babies and children fighting cancer; my hands can hold a parent’s hand who is in a most desperate place.

I want my hands to bring joy by lots of clapping and celebrating what God does and I want my hands to reach out to those I would have been scared to reach out to. My hands will rest on the keyboard of my computer teaching many how to spread their own mission for Christ online and my hands will wipe my own tears this year.

His hands created me and they shaped me for this specific time, for a very specific purpose …

“The people I have shaped for myself will broadcast my praises.” -Isaiah 43:21


About Vera:

Vera Raposo is involved with the marketing & technical side of SheLoves Magazine. She has been an entrepreneur since 1996 which included owning five retail stores. Recently God told her to “clear her plate and open her heart.” So she sold her business and is now listening for God’s heart in her life. Vera was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia. She’s a wife & mom to three wonderful kids. She often blogs at, helps others realize their online dreams at and tweets from @veraraposo.