Wellness Wednesday: Discovering Joy in Every Season


“I had to let go of the expectations I had put on myself before the pressure could drop off my shoulders.”

By Amelia Englemark | Twitter: @AmyEnglemark

I saw a picture in the clouds. The image stood out from the darkness behind it—the slug with a cartoon bubble in front of its mouth was definitely trying to tell me something. Though I couldn’t see any words in the bubble I knew TRUTH was written there.

I feel like that slug sometimes. Slow and steady wins the race. But I’m not a “slow and steady” type of person. The problem is I’m running ahead in some areas of my life, while in others I’ve been somewhat halted—hence the slug picture.

Clarity in the Night

The night I saw that picture, I needed clarity and direction for my business.

My husband has been upgrading his training for work and because of this, we’ve been busy on the home front. This means more has been required of me in my roles as wife and mom and I’ve had less time for my business role.

I expected I would have the time to achieve my business goals even while my husband was involved in intense and demanding training. I figured I could fit it all in. Not a chance. Turned out my perspective on my lack of achievement started affecting my thoughts, feelings and even the words I spoke.

I had to let go of the expectations I had put on myself, before the pressure could drop off my shoulders. Once I did that, I started enjoying the role of lover, nurturer and cook even more than before. I’ve always loved—okay, not always— being a wife and mom, but lately, delving into this role has brought an increased amount of joy to my life. I was reminded that there’s a season for everything.

Re-framing my perspective

What’s two weeks of setting aside my business to-do list when I know I will have time to pursue it later? This has changed my perspective on life. I feel more at peace and empowered, because I know my purpose in this season. I am also reminded that amazing things happen when we least expect them. I don’t know how my life will unfold, but there is power when I take action in the areas where I do have control

No matter how fast or slow I feel like I’m travelling, I am certain I am in good hands—hands that can easily sculpt “cloud wings” on the back of that slug to make sure I’m at the right place with the right people and at the right time.

I have an important role to play where I am, for the people in my life right now. Focusing on what I can accomplish fills me with purpose.

Seize the opportunity

Whether it’s the time to focus on my career, my partner, myself or my kids, I realize I must enter each season with joy. The time will come to pursue other opportunities and I know I will feel more fulfilled if I focus on the gifts in this season, rather than the ones I hope to have in the future.                                         

I have learned to embrace where I am in life and the opportunities right in front of me. I trust this is the best season for me to be experiencing right now. My life has a bigger purpose than I can see and by allowing myself to let go of expectations and demands, I have acquired a new perspective on life.


My dear SheLoves friends, I’d love to hear your thoughts:

  • What season in life are you finding yourself in? How are you embracing it?
  • Have you overcome similar frustrations of having to set aside dreams and to-lists for a while?
  • How did your perspective change?


About Amy:

I am a Certified Professional Career and Life Coach through the International Coach Academy. I empower executives and entrepreneurs to find and pursue their career passion. I am thankful for passion in my career and relationships and want others to enjoy the same. If you’d like to find out how to move forward towards the career and life you’ve only dreamed of, you can get to know me at www.amyenglemark.com. I love hiking, mountain biking, travelling and any sort of adventure. I like to jump from the highest rock into the deepest water. I like to shout for joy.  I tweet @AmyEnglemark.