Wellness Wednesday: Sharing Our Unique Voices with the World


By Vera Raposo | Twitter: @veraraposo

“Let’s write what we truly think … Our voices and vision will be much stronger without that fear filter.”

For many years I’ve been sharing my voice with the world via blogging and various entrepreneurial ventures. It hasn’t always been easy—fear and limiting beliefs have sometimes held me back—but on my journey I have learned that I have a unique perspective and should never be afraid to share it.

This Wellness Wednesday, I’d like to share some tips about how to hone your voice through blogging.

Write what you think, not what you say

If you write your true thoughts rather than your filtered thoughts, your voice and vision will be much stronger.

People often advise that you should write what you say. This is good advice only if you don’t hold back when you speak. Most of us, however, have a very different conversational tone in our heads. We filter our thoughts and only speak the opinions we feel are safe, especially if we think there may be potential for recrimination or judgment from others.

What you say may in fact be vastly different to what you think. In my head I have strong opinions and beliefs; it hasn’t always been that way on paper.

There’s a saying, “I’m a legend in my own mind.” Your thoughts have the power to influence. Use that power in your words, not just in your mind. When you’re writing your content, overcome the filter—it’s fueled by fear.

Find Your Content DNA

In his book “Crush It,” Gary Vaynerchuk talks about finding your content DNA. What he means is this: we’re not all writers—some of us are better at speaking, or talking to a camera.

If you prefer making videos to writing articles or blog posts, then focus the majority of your content efforts there.

If you’re more comfortable speaking then consider using dictation software to create your written content. Tools like Dragon Naturally Speaking make the transition from dictation to blog post quick and easy.

Realize That You Can’t Please Everyone

As you take your steps into the blogging world and begin to post and share, pay attention to your interactions. Do you find yourself holding back? If so, try to discover why.

Perhaps you expressed an opinion in a comment you made on someone’s blog and received a negative response. That can be traumatic for some people, but don’t let it put you off—not everyone is going to agree with you and that’s okay. Chances are you don’t agree with everyone you meet either.

As you’re blogging and sharing your vision with readers, pay attention to your comfort level and push yourself to be 100% authentic.

“It is dangerous to be concerned with what others think of you.” (Proverbs 29:25 LB)

Find a mentor

They don’t have to be an official mentor. Instead, look to other bloggers in your field who are authentic to their vision and voice. Learn from those who share similar ideas and values to you—watch how they speak and respond to criticism with the same mindset.

Connect with your audience

After taking that vulnerable step to sharing your authentic voice, it’s important to know you’re being heard. It takes time to build a connection with your readers but the more you reach out and listen to them, the more they will respond to you.

Find your online community—a small network of like-minded people—and get to know them. Once you have a relationship, they will value your work and share your posts with others.

Once you begin sharing your true voice, you won’t ever go back into hiding. Speaking your truth is empowering and it’s a wonderful way to build a loyal and supportive blog community.


Dear SheLoves readers, I’d love to hear your thoughts:

  • Have you struggled to find your authentic voice online? Why
  • If you have developed your authentic voice, how has your audience reacted?
  • What is your biggest obstacle to communicating online?