In The Beginning


Create-HollyThere are some moments so gorgeous and rimmed with light
that to feel their flutter this side of heaven
is to be touched by that which is sacrosanct

And in the slightest turning of one’s head
shards of Zion can be found
glistening in the shadows
or dripping from lips shaped by awe

It is no small thing that such moments
sometimes begin
in swirls of darkness
and are woven among grand heaves
and deep bellows

For these are mighty and fierce arcs of creation
where beauty is forged
and fear is confronted
and brave manifests in all that
is raw and naked

But these moments
are not forever hidden from the light
For in the rising and in the descent
a curtain is torn and rocks are split
and those that were once asleep
now see with eyes wide open

And it is nothing short of magical
that within these moments
we are ennobled
as co-creators with God
and we become conduits
of glory
Holly2Image Credits: Aidan Grantham & Kelli Woodford