Be Brave in an Ordinary Way


“Let me be brave in an ordinary way first.”

“Ordinary courage is about putting our vulnerability on the line. In today’s world, that’s pretty extraordinary.” – Brené Brown

Let me be brave in an ordinary way first.

Let me mother out of my best hopes instead of my worst fears. Let me love ferociously into the mundane corners of our life. Let me find God in my laundry pile.

Let me take off my masks, admit my imperfections, tell my stories. Give me grace to be the one who jumps first.

Let me admit my questions and doubts without fear of repercussions. Let me sing the song of the everyday redeemed. Let me remember how to cry, how to laugh, how to dance, how to kiss, how to be silent. Let me question and let me learn. Give me the courage to be teachable.

Let me be brave enough to lift my head up and see God’s daughters and sons in the world instead of enemies and numbers and statistics.

Let me admit my imperfections and weakness, sweeping out my need for approval to make room for the strength and grace of God to break through and work into those fault lines as a new strength.

Let me be fearless about aging. Let me welcome each day, each year, as a friend and own them as a gift. Let me welcome the changes in my body and in my opinions.

Let me sit here with my pen and my coffee, paying attention to the days. Let me move from wanting to “change the world” to wanting Jesus and his intimate upside-down Kingdom ways.

Let me remember how the most fearless thing we can do is keep showing up with love and grace and joy in our real, right-now lives.


Photo credit: spinster cardigan