Good News for Girls: Underwater Acrobatics + Power Tools + Johnny Cash


Good News_800

A whole new year stretches out in front of you; how will you express yourself this year?

Will you write a letter of apology to your body?

Will you celebrate your shape on glossy pages?

Will you take up acrobatics, even if no one thinks you can?

Will you reinvent guitar?

Will you reinvent business, in order to change the world?

Will you reinvent social change by giving power tools to teenage girls?

Will you take up the hoola hoop?

Will you make metal fluid?

Will you sing?

Will you speak out against sexism in your industry?

Will you use your camera to make image justice as well as social justice?

Will you use your creative gifts to transform something as clinical as prosthetics? Or something as ordinary as bathroom signs? Or something as ubiquitous as storefront mannequins?

Will you cut yourself some slack?

Will you allow your life to be oriented by Love?

How would you express yourself if you stopped waiting for someone else to give you permission? (and in case you still need it… we give you permission xoxo)

Image Credit: Saris / Design: Tina Francis