Good News for Girls: Stars + Skateboards + Peace Journalism


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Living With Our Heritage:

Folks in Sudbury, Ontario (Canada) had largely forgotten who they were. Sudbury’s long history of mining had convinced its residents (and the rest of the country) that it was ugly.  Until some folks set out to remind their fellow citizens that they are beautiful, drawing from the past and present.

You’ll find ideas for living with pieces of your heritage, “Ebenezer” touch stones, over at SheLoves’ Pinterest page. (Wait, you knew we were on Pinterest, right?)

How We See Ourselves:

Dark is Beautiful

“You can be my father, brother, husband, or friend, but not my owner, because I am not a field or a house, I am a human being, a woman!” Young Afghan women find their voices through peace journalism.

How We See Each Other:

“There’s a lot of serious, hard-working Christian women in Chapter 16, and I don’t think they were just making the tea after the church worship service, either.” N.T. Wright on women in ministry.

“There’s too many interesting women I have not had the experience to know in this life because I have been brainwashed. And… [Tootsie] was never a comedy for me.” Dustin Hoffman on experiencing life as a woman in ‘Tootsie’.

“I had my telescope in my car and Takeesha and Deja had seen neither [the rings of Saturn or the craters on the moon]. Sometimes people are disappointed, growing up seeing images from the space telescope. Not these two. They loved it.” Photographer Chris Arnade, who had been doing a photo project documenting the lives of sex workers, gave them the chance to see the stars up close.

Light in Art:

Richmond, VA + stories about darkness & light + mural art + 1000 lights lit for random acts of kindness = The Light of Human Kindness Project

You’ve probably seen artist JR’s Women are Heroes Project in the slums of Kibera, Kenya. But he’s also installed projects in Brazil, Sierra Leone, Liberia, India, and Cambodia.

“We all enter the world the same way: naive, eyes closed. In this moment we’re not mindful of the beauty we are apart of, nor are we aware of the injustice that awaits us…” Children Matter from filmmaker Ricky Norris:

CHILDREN MATTER from Ricky Norris on Vimeo.

Love in Action:

Wealth didn’t spare her from the grief of losing her young son, but it allowed Catalina Escobar to channel that grief into a foundation that helps Colombian girls escape the slums.

Razia Jan and her team provide free education to girls in rural Afghanistan.

Estella Pyfrom created a mobile computer lab to tutor low-income kids.

Kakenya Ntayia returned to her home village in Kenya to open the first primary school for girls.

Pushpa Basnet started a center for Nepali kids whose parents are in jail.

Girls on Wheels:

“Afghan girls can’t ride a bike but can ride a skateboard!” Redemptive subversion! Skateistan is connecting empowerment + education for girls & boys in Afghanistan and Cambodia.

Kolkata Skateboarding is transforming the slums of Kolkata, India using skateboarding too. Photographer Gavin Gough made some gorgeous images of the kids in action.

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