Good News for Girls July: Guerrilla Goodness + Self-Care + A Human Shield



Mid-Year Re-start:

Whether July finds you in mid-summer or mid-winter, the shiny promise of New Year’s feels a long time ago. Maybe you’ve slid back into thoughts of what you “should” be doing, instead of looking through the lens of the ONE WORD you chose to guide you through the year. If you need to, dust that WORD off, see if it still fits, and how it might serve you going forward for the rest of the year.

The power of call.

“…you don’t have to do it right, you just have to do something…”

“…the difference between entrepreneurs that are full of life and feel successful and those that are having the life sucked out of them, is what they commit to. Entrepreneurs that mostly feel successful discovered and committed to a higher purpose that their business serves and they’ve made that their single-minded focus of why they do what they do.

Mid-Year Self-Care:

When did you stop thinking you were beautiful?

If you thought it happened after you had kids, I beg to differ.

What if all anyone ever needs is you, just as you are?

“To me self-care isn’t just the acts we do, but also the ways that we treat ourselves

Did you write a love letter to your body? It’s never too late.  Perhaps it would be meaningful to put together a self-care box? Or plan a Guerilla Goodness adventure, or take a chance on something that makes you feel happy.

Mid-Year Encouragement:

The well in Bubanza that we built together? Leigh Kramer got to experience it first hand (and I’d like to think she shook and shimmied enough for all of us!)

With daily reports of violence being acted out on women protesting at Tahir Square, it was stunning to see this photograph of men using their bodies to create a safe space for women to protest.

And lastly, from Wendell Berry: “…Let us meet here together/ Members one of another/ Here in our holy room…

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