One Word Journey: Enough!


“Embracing my enoughness means engaging with that vulnerability—leaning into it rather than away from it.”

boundriesA friend recently asked me about my One Word: Enough.

I explained the significance it holds for me: my journey to know and believe more deeply that I am enough.

After his initial response about how that resonated with him, he teased that he’d thought I was going to say it meant, “I’ve had enough!” We laughed about how that meaning certainly works as well, especially after the past few years of my life. Enough!

And I’ve been thinking about that ever since.

Though the two meanings seem very different, I realized they are more related to each other than I would have first guessed. I will only set healthy boundaries for myself when I truly believe I am worthy of safeguarding. I won’t declare “Enough!” to those situations and individuals that deplete me and attempt to diminish my worthiness until I think I’m worth more than how I’m being treated.

Learning to embrace my own enoughness gives me the strength, courage, and voice to say Enough! when I need to.

I have to believe I am enough in order to say “Enough!”

There’s a vulnerability in setting boundaries. Deep fears rise to the surface as my inner dialogue kicks into high gear:

You are going to disappoint someone with this decision. Don’t let other people down. Be a good friend. Make others happy. Do what’s best for others. If you turn this down, you might not be included again. You’ll always be left out. You have to make this work. You should be able to tackle all this and then some. You’re being selfish by choosing what’s best for yourself.

Embracing my enoughness means engaging with that vulnerability—leaning into it rather than away from it. It means making the difficult decisions and setting the hard boundaries, in spite of the risk, in face of the fears.

It’s believing that ultimately I’m worth it—no matter what.

So, surprisingly to me, part of my One Word 365 journey towards owning that I am enough, is learning to recognize, embrace, and own the boundaries I need to set and enforce in my life.

Even while I still fail at this often, only realizing after the fact that a situation was an opportunity for me to set a boundary — a chance to say yes or no to something for myself — at least I’m seeing it, even if it’s in hindsight. That is already a step in the right direction.

I’m choosing to celebrate every sign of progress.

Here’s to each little step forward on this journey, friends!


I’d imagine I’m not the only one who’s been surprised by where my One Word has taken me this year. Has your word taken on a shape you hadn’t even anticipated or expected?

We are almost halfway through the year, so let’s check in with one another. How is your One Word journey going? How has your word surprised you and taken shape in your life?

Write a mile-marker post on your blog and come back to link up.