Some Mountains Don’t Move




“We weren’t created to turn back when the road is steep or the air is thin. We weren’t created to be defeated by our circumstances. We were created to conquer.” 

By Becky Johnson | Twitter: @bxmoldova

mountains don't move

I did squats for six months. I would set my alarm for 5:45am to run 5k and then straight after work I’d be at the gym, lifting weights. And doing squats.

So many squats.

I was preparing to climb to Base Camp Everest and then summit the Kalaphatar peak in the Himalayas. I don’t particularly like mountain climbing, or early morning runs, or squats. But for a long time the only prayer I’ve been able to pray is this: “Please use me to stop people trafficking in Moldova.” Over and over, day after day I prayed that prayer until one day I found myself living in this forgotten little country.

Please use me to stop people trafficking in Moldova. Please use me to stop people trafficking in Moldova. Please use me …

Over and over, day after day I have prayed that prayer until I found myself preparing to climb a mountain. Doing my squats.

The Freedom Climb is an initiative by OM International (a missions organization working in over 110 countries) to raise awareness of human trafficking and funds for grassroots projects working with vulnerable women and children around the world. Last year a group of women climbed Kilimanjaro; this year it was Nepal. I wanted to use the opportunity to represent Moldova and raise money to help ex-victims of trafficking here start their own businesses and avoid the very real danger of being re-trafficked.
FreedomClimbI have great passion for the cause, but to say I was dreading the climb would be an understatement. To say I was excited to spend 11 days without air, sleeping in a tent and putting all those squats to good use would be a downright lie.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that verse that promises that if we have faith, we can tell the mountain to throw itself into the sea. Good verse! I mustered up all the faith I could … but that mountain didn’t move. Not even an inch. I really wished it would at least crumble a little … but no luck.

The night before we needed to fly to the base of the mountain to start our journey, I suddenly became ill. As a result, I missed the flight and ended up in the hospital. So I mustered up the faith again. I prayed. I waited. The mountain still didn’t shift, so after I’d been discharged, I flew up to join the rest of the group. I really wished that mountain would obey me and just get lost … but it didn’t budge.

The climb took 11 days and was the most difficult thing I’d ever done in my life. It was physically hard (although I must admit I was grateful for every. single. squat.) but it was also mentally and emotionally exhausting.

“Move, Mountain!” didn’t seem to work, so every day we’d climb. Every night we’d collapse into our sleeping bags, completely spent, only to wake up early the next morning and keep climbing.

“Move, Mountain!”

No response.
ClimbingI remember one morning, still feeling ill but now with the added joy of physical exhaustion. My body felt broken and my fiery passion to end people trafficking in Moldova was flickering.

I didn’t want to climb the mountain. I wanted the stupid mountain to crumble into the sea. I wanted to be at home in my bed. I wanted to eat pizza.

And then God spoke.

“Why are you doing this? Why are you climbing this mountain?”

“I don’t know. This is the most ridiculous idea I have ever had in my entire life.”

(Silence. Enough of it for me to realize that even my holy praying voice sounded whiny.)

“Why are you doing this? Why are you climbing this mountain?”

(deep sigh)

“Because I want to represent Moldova.”

“So represent her.

You’re sick. You feel broken. You feel defeated. You’re tired.

You’re representing Moldova. Moldova looks sick, broken, defeated, tired.

But what do you want for her?”

And I knew that I want her to fight. I want her to rise higher than her circumstances. I want her to climb out of her situation. I don’t want the mountain to disappear.

I want Moldova to conquer it.
ConqueringSo. I kept climbing. I rose above my circumstances and I conquered the mountain. (Those squats came in handy.)

And I learned something.

Many many times in our lives, we want the mountain to move. We wish it would disappear. We pray it would crumble into the sea. We cry and beg and plead. We muster up all the faith we can. We ask God to move it for us. We wait and watch and wonder if it will ever get out of our way so that we can just continue on our journey.

But some mountains don’t move.

Some mountains have to be conquered. Some mountains have to be climbed. Even if it takes a long time. Even if it hurts.

Mountains of healing, mountains of forgiveness. Mountains of maturity and mountains of faith.

We weren’t created to turn back when the road is steep or the air is thin. We weren’t created to be defeated by our circumstances. We were created to conquer.

Because some mountains don’t move.


If your heart is moved by Becky’s courage, it’s not too late to give to her climb. The funds support OM’s work in Moldova, in partnership with Beginning of Life–one of our favorite organizations on the planet.

– Donate to her beautiful cause right here. [Please indicate “Becky Johnson–Moldova–Everest.”]

– Read more about Becky’s heart for fighting human trafficking in Moldova here.


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About Becky:


Becky Johnson was born and raised in small town Saskatchewan. After living and working with young people in England for ten years she was stirred by a passion to end human trafficking and now lives in the small Republic of Moldova where she leads the Relief and Development department at OM (a missions organization working amongst the most vulnerable). She has a passionate love affair with sunshine, speaks Romanian, loves London, and makes very delicious broccoli soup.

Support Becky and help vulnerable women who have started their own businesses by clicking here and marking the donation for Becky Johnson – Moldova – Everest. For tax receipt purposes, call OM Canada directly: 877-487-7777.