The Red Couch: Introducing the SheLoves Book Club


Dec_BookClub_800A couple of weeks ago I visited a long-time friend in Seattle. Because she’s awesome, she drove me up to see friends in Surrey, BC and that is how I found myself sitting on Idelette’s famous red couch. While I could only stay less than 48 hours, it was plenty of time to catch up with friends. The red couch saw it all.

That couch has been a safe place as ideas have been birthed, tears shed, and joys celebrated. When you sit there, you know without a doubt you are loved for who you are. Fully.

Back in May, I traveled to Uganda and Burundi with some of my favorite SheLovelys- Idelette, Claire, Tina, Kelley, Fiona. In fact, wherever we went, we were known as the SheLovely ladies. I was an honorary member during the trip, in spite of never having contributed so much as a guest post. I should have known Idelette planned to get me on board in some official capacity. When she told me she wanted SheLoves to have a Book Club and asked if I’d be the editor, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I’m an avid reader. OK, OK. I’m a book nerd and proud of it. I’ve been a part of real life book clubs and on-line book clubs. Some of my closest friendships have developed over the shared love of a book.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to introduce you to The Red Couch, our very own book club.

There’s something about reading that brings people together, as we discuss themes, process ideas, and grapple with how or whether it applies to our lives.

The Red Couch is a place for us to gather and discuss the books, ideas, and authors that matter. No, we can’t all physically show up in Idelette’s living room. But her couch can be a symbol of what we hope this book club will be.

We’ll read books that stretch us and grow us into understanding. We’ll read books that allow us to grapple with hard questions and wrestle with the realities of faith. We’ll read a variety of genres, from fiction to memoir to poetry. We’ll read books by women and global voices and those with diverse backgrounds.

We might not always come to the same conclusions. We might not always agree. I welcome differences of opinion. But let us remember this as our book club gets under way: we are with and for each other.

We’ll read for enjoyment, yes. But we’re also reading with purpose. And we’re reading with each other. I can only imagine the conversations we’ll have.


The First Quarter:

We’ll announce the books quarterly so you’ll have time to track down a copy either from a bookstore or your local library. You can either read ahead or read when the month begins. That’s up to you.

I’m so excited to tell you about our picks for the first quarter:

  • In January we’ll read Jesus Feminist by our very own Sarah Bessey. Get your copy ready!


The Logistics:

The first Wednesday of the month, I’ll introduce that month’s selection to set the tone and as a reminder of what we’re reading when.

A discussion post written by one of our fantastic Book Club writers will post the fourth Wednesday of the month.

Some months will feature a creative/reflection companion piece during the third week but I’ll let you know when that’ll be happening. Those pieces will be a way to help us apply a book’s themes more directly to our lives.

Notes on Jesus Feminist: Because New Year’s Day falls on the first Wednesday of the month (and I presume you’ll be spending time with family or taking time to nap and such), the introduction post for Jesus Feminist will be Wed., January 8. By all means, start reading now if you want. The introductory post will serve as your reminder. The discussion post will then follow on Wed., January 29.


Any questions?  Will you be joining us at The Red Couch?

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