Educated Girls Will Change the World #BringBackOurGirls


View More: forget that we are powerful. We forget that in many countries, it is the labour, intellect, creativity and stamina of women who keep economies and populations functioning.

The world is beginning to learn of the hundreds of Nigerian school girls kidnapped in order to be sold off. The outrage, absent from the mainstream media for weeks, is finally finding voice. But I still don’t hear outrage for the more than 1,000 Native Canadian women who have gone missing, or the millions of girls around the world sold into sex trafficking, pressed into forced labour and slavery.

If girls and women remain a commodity, the status quo is preserved, and men will continue to become rich off of female bodies and labour. This is true everywhere in the world–this is not an African issue. The single greatest threat to their way of life is not an army, or any government, or any religion … it’s the education of girls.

Educated girls will change the world.

I’m always left with the question of how we stand with our sisters. It’s been painted as an impossible task, but I just don’t believe that. We should be able to look after each other, make safe spaces for each other, lift each other up.

Every time we turn a blind eye, every time we choose to not know … we let them win.

The only solution I know of, is relationship. Knowing each other. Caring about each other. It doesn’t require a military budget, munitions, or armed forces. But it will cost us. It will personally cost us.

We can change the world. Will we?


Editor’s Note:

Please join us in praying for the missing girls in our world, specifically for the 200+ Nigerian girls abducted from their  school dormitory.

Bring back our girls. Lord, hear our prayers.


Image credit: Tina Francis. Courtesy of Rescue Pink