Good News for Girls: Celebrating Your Own Kind of Beauty



Wooooop! A year! Can you believe it? A year of celebrating our fabulous, intelligent, gifted sisters around the world. Good News for Girls was launched this time last year, and what should have been a jubilant initial post was sombre. I was utterly wrecked by the terrible things I was hearing in the news; terrible things happening to women.

Fast forward a year, and we’re faced with the horrifying abduction of school girls in Nigeria. Terrible news. On the surface, it seems that nothing has changed as this year has slipped by. But something here has changed. This place has changed; and it’s changed me.

In the last year I’ve witnessed this community continue to grow, continue to spread love and caring. I’ve witnessed quick and loving responses to sickness and loss. There has been more prayer and packages; more connections. I’ve been moved as I’ve witnessed the Church embodied here, in so many ways.

This month you’ll find a number of ways to think about how you see yourself. If you explore, I hope you’ll also think about how we see each other. I hope you’ll see a Nigerian school girl within each link, no matter how much of a stretch it seems. And I hope that in the process, you’ll see her as the sister she is, and your capacity to care will become a little deeper.

Your dark skin is beautiful. You are beautiful.

Your dark skin makes you perfectly suited to be a DJ, a philanthropist, a creative…or anything else you want.

Your daughter (and you) can find so many dark-skinned role models, it might take a long time to explore them all.

Your body, regardless of what shape it takes, is runway-worthy.

Your kind of beauty simply needs to be celebrated.

And celebrated some more.

You never, ever need to apologize for your face.

Your body deserves to be nourished and loved; any other thought or message is a lie.

Your daughter (and your son) can have a different view of Barbie-perfection.

Your daughter can choose something other than princess culture, if she wants.

You are wise.

Your words are important to the world.

Your words are important to the Church.

You can choose for yourself a path, that for the last 2,000 years, only boys have traveled.

You are worthy of celebration.


Image credit: theilr