Nobel + Noble: Good News for Girls



Women Celebrate!

Oh, you knew there was going to be a little party over here this month. Kudos to Malala Yousafzai, co-winner of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize! It’s easy to forget that Malala is still so young, but this 17-year-old is investing her life to change the world for girls. Taking a moment in my kitchen for a little dance and a standing ovation!

Another cheer for May-Britt Moser, who co-won the Nobel Prize for Medicine for research that discovered the brain cells that tell the body where it’s positioned.

Hang on … one more kitchen celebration dance party! Forget what you see in the movies. Want to see what it really looks like when scientists celebrate the successful launch of a Mars mission?

Women Advocate!

“On the contrary, I’ve become a huge fan of nuns because I see them so often risking their lives around the world, confronting warlords, pimps and thugs, while speaking the local languages fluently. In a selfish world, they epitomize selflessness and compassion.” -Nicholas Kristof, in a great opinion piece on the amazing work of nuns.

Tech meets Mama: the Breast Pump Hackathon.

Becky Straw + Jody Landers are creating jobs, solving social problems and changing communities through The Adventure Project.

A stunning look at Senegal’s ambition and determined women working as mechanics.

Rekha Kumari of India advocates for not only those affected by polio, but for all the world’s children impacted by disability.

“People said we weren’t going to make a difference. They said we couldn’t do it. And I think … that got me going…” –Genevieve S. Brown, proved them wrong as she helped to transform the Bronx.

How We See Ourselves

Supriya Hobbs and Janna Eaves, engineers, have created dolls they wish every young girl could play with.

Holly Spring, a photographer, created a visual world for her daughter (born without a hand) to show her that anything is possible.

A poignant reminder from Heidi Rose Robbins to ditch the jealousy, and simply love and celebrate your girlfriends.

Maybe we could be this interactive mirror to each other …?

And lastly, a powerful piece on what it can look like when men stand along side us.

Photo of Malala from the folks at the European Parliament.