Tech, Training and Toast: Good News for Girls



Education + Girls = Community Change:

DIY Girlshands-on tech for girls (and women too!)

At 16 and 17 years old, they’re tackling breast cancer and a potential prize at the Google Science Fair.  

They’re evening the playing field at Hacker School.

Reelgrrls—a Seattle-based film school for girls.

Making space for girls and different ideas in the gaming industry.

School for girls in Afghanistan.

Fifteen years old. Poised. President.

Women in Business:

Fashion Angels help tween girls to enter fashion entrepreneurship.

A micro-finance model working for women in rural India. 

The auto garage designed with women in mind.

How to raise girls to be better at negotiating

These 35 important women in tech on Twitter.

A growing resource for inspiring girls with Female Founder stories.

A Couple of Extraordinary Women:

A teen girl rebuilds her dream car from scratch. Because she can.

India’s first female photojournalist paved the way for so many others after her.

For women who reflect:

Have you chosen a word of the year for 2015? (Also: Be sure to catch our upcoming post by Claire De Boer this Thursday.)

Some interesting exercises to take stock before turning over the calendar.

And if you missed the piece Gate A-4 by Naomi Shihab Nye, it’s a beautiful reminder of the potential of yes.

Lastly, a toast—with whatever kind of beverage you have close at hand:

  • to all of the women who made us cheer this year, simply by being themselves and using their gifts …
  • to all of the women who toiled away and changed their world far away from the spotlight …
  • to all of the women who made space for others, who lifted others up, who created a path where none had been before …
  • to all of the women who had no idea if they could make it one more day, but did…

… We’re grateful. Shine on.


Photo credit: Luiz Filipe