Women Who Love: Becoming Added To



“And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”

-Acts 2:47 (NIV)

We draw women who are ready to take their place in a community of safe and (often) brave women. Women who have been sleeping, who are stirring and waking and who have heard the call of something deeper.

The talithas who hear the room roaring and who open eyes and heart and body to the opportunity of Life.

These are the ones who see a glimpse of community… who have been nourished and fed by a gathering around them. They see a vision of something different, something other than the sleeping-through-life-one-more-year.

We name it Love. Kindness. Compassion. Courage. Honesty. Sisterhood.

Sometimes feeling strong, and most times feeling inadequate. But we show up anyway. We join our hearts and bodies with women who feel stronger on the day and who are ready to march out front.

Sometimes we just need someone to walk with us and cheer us on as we spread our wings and dare to say it out loud. When we dare to make it bigger than ourselves. Women like Cynthia. And Megan. And Rebecca. And Daniela. And Tina.

Women like Holly and Shaley and Claire and Janice and Donna.

However and wherever we may start out—sometimes we even fall back a little and need to remember who we are again–it’s all a journey.

I used to believe it’s a journey towards Freedom. Now I think there are moments of Freedom. The Freedom comes in the walking and it’s this drawing down of the things we long for, daily, moment by moment, breath by breath. One day at a time.

It takes the pressure off, doesn’t it? Only: how well will I live this day? How well will I love today?

Today, I lay down my addictions. To approval, achievement, HomeSense and lemon blueberry scones.

We draw women who are ready to say, I am here. I am broken. But I am also powerful.

Women like Bethany.

It’s been over 18 months since she’s been added to us and I still remember the first email she sent. All she wrote in the subject of the email was: SheLoves Reader. She addressed it to me personally. (Even spelled my name right!)

It was January 1st, 2013—usually a quiet day in the McVicker home, because everyone stays up late to bang pots and pans.

I remember reading her email that first day of a new year and being captured by her heartfelt, careful words.

She started off with a sincere thank you … It was pretty clear she meant it and wasn’t just saying something to impress me.

“ … Your story helps me be brave enough to keep exploring my own,” she wrote.

It turned out that Bethany lives pretty close to Vancouver and even had some family around where I live.

She added:

“ … if there’s ever anything tangible I can do for the SheLoves community, please do let me know. I’m not sure what that would be, but I’d love to dip my toes into the community.”

She wrote honestly, bravely. She wrote words that made a connection in my heart.

“… I want to surround myself with women that will help me continue to grow and find my voice. But as I do so, I want to learn how to be there for others that I can offer a hand to.”

I immediately wrote back and asked about her story and specifically her passions and gifts. And so our conversation started.

It took us a while to finally connect—over early dinner at an Asian restaurant in Bellingham, close by the Costco. The food was rather terrible, but Bethany was lovely.

I eventually asked her to join our team as one of the SheLoves Editors, on a Tuesday.

Now she’s an integral part of our editorial team. We value her ideas, her thoughts and her special copy editing skills. She’s developed close friendships in our tribe.

Bethany was ready to be added to.

A few weeks ago Bethany walked with Megan in the Mercy Walk. (Here they are in the zine.)

Two Saturdays ago, Bethany and I walked with Tina and my Telah in Cynthia’s special birthday walk. We had our runners, our big smiles and that slight hesitation at the beginning of every race. It was pretty clear that this walk wasn’t about the race as much as it was about the camaraderie. How we were doing it together.

When I messaged her on Facebook that week, asking if she wanted to come walk with us, she said yes. And not only did she say yes, she showed up.

Bethany is the kind of woman I am proud to stand with.

Her writer legs are getting stronger and stronger as the months go by. We refuse to let her go quiet. She has a strong, passionate voice and we want more of Bethany. Our world needs more of Bethany in her most beautiful, most alive way.

Just like the world needs every one of us to be our most full and radiant self.

I don’t feel radiant every day. Last Monday I couldn’t even remember how to spell “radiant,” I was so tired. But I rested and asked for prayer and soaked in Kelli’s words that night and went to bed early and by Tuesday, I had words again.

And I remembered how to take care of my soul again.

When I think of our team, I see now how they have each been added to. (I can’t even imagine SheLoves without Sarah any more.)

I watch readers like Sandy come alongside and comment and like and encourage. And then she heard a call a few months ago and put up her hand and now she meets with Anne-Marie and Diana and Amy and me on Fridays to pray for SheLoves.

These are all women God is adding to this work.

Heart women.
Salt-of-the-earth women.
Faithful women.
Women who form a wide net, so we can catch and hold each other.
Women who anoint each other for this day.
Courageous women.

Dear SheLovelys, Thank you for being here and being added to. Thank you for not watching from the sidelines. Thank you for adding your comments and linking up your posts. Thank you for tweeting and sharing.

Please know this: We see every comment that comes in.
We know who is engaging.
We know who is here …
When you let us, we see you.

When you are ready to go to the next level to be added to, even if your legs feel wobbly, we can find a place for you.
We don’t just need writers and editors. We need women who can Love and help carry this message of sisterhood forward by standing alongside and doing their part. The part only you can do. The part we may have been praying for already.

And it was said of us: Women Who Love were added to their numbers daily.