A Blessing for What is to Come



This is for the day when the future calls,
But we may not feel ready.
This is for the day when we need to step into newness,
And all we want to do is curl up on a couch in familiar pyjamas and let it all pass by.

This is for the day when the stars are not aligned
When hope is tired
When energy is waning
And dreams feel slim.

This is for the day when we stand at the threshold of another year,

On this day,
exactly this day,
we find a blessing for what is to come.

This is a blessing for hope deferred
And Love lost
For longings lying open
And dreams spread thin.

This is a longing for a future not feared, but blessed.
Offering up our lives, trusting the One who holds us …
Who bends towards us.

When the community is weary.
When fatigue has set in and tapped out our strength.
How beautiful then—and always—is good news
Resurrection news that the One who was and is, will come again.

This coming is an everpresent, neverending arrival.
This Kingdom of God that is born in us, again and again.
Every day.

Born into our messy stables.
Life to our fatigue.
Presence to our numbness.
Breath to our anxieties

One year from now, God willing, we will stand in this same place and wonder: How has this year been?

May we live forward into our hopes and dreams,
May we live carrying the good, but inevitably also hard things into our days.
May we remember that tomorrow can be better than today.

More of becoming myself.
More of serving others.
More of seeing through chaos and
More of understanding clearly.

More of carving out the life I am shaped for.
More of stretching into my capacity.
More of feeling strength fill into the empty chambers of my life.

To the empty rooms where we’ve built and prepared and waited, we say:
More life, more purpose, more generosity.

This year, may it be said that we have expanded our capacity …
To let go
To wait
To rise
And give it all into Your hands, O Lord.

That we may grow and become and surrender and be filled
Every day.

Hear our prayer, to the God who was and is and is always coming.
This God who is always here and is always right around the corner.
Right around the corner of my defeat. My waste. My hopes bashed.
Right around the corner of my prisons and my pride.
Right around the corner of my losses and my pain.
Right around the corner of my redemption and resurrection.

May my future bend towards this God of Love.

On this last day of an old year,
Standing at the threshold into a new year:
May I be grateful for what was,
May I have grace for what is,
May I have hope for what is to come.


Happy New Year, Lovelys! From the bottom of our hearts.

What a joy and privilege it is to journey with each and every one of you.

With Love,
idelette + the SheLoves team,