Dangerous Women = Good News for Girls!



Well, let me just put this on the table: every Good News for Girls column could be called “Dangerous Women!” This month I celebrate each dangerous woman whose story we get to share, and each one living dangerously in a quiet way.

Meet Perna Devi (above)—elected official in her Indian village, leader, world changer!

Claudia knits and Angela gives her warm hats and scarves to the vulnerable folks who warm up in her diner.

Caitlin Crosby, jewellery designer, made a homeless couple her business partners and has hired several other homeless folks, and given them the chance to work their way into stable lives.

At 91, Barbara Beskind landed her dream job as an industrial designer.

If you passed her on the subway, you might think her stylish. I doubt you’d also guess that she’s an electrical engineer, responsible for power continuity for Manhattan.

It took 59 days, but when Felicity Aston completed her 1700km ski jour­ney, she became the first woman to ski across Antarc­tica alone.

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, astronomer and pioneer in both the study of stars and education, quietly worked hard and shattered glass ceilings.

Madeeha has lost a lot—an arm, her home, her husband, and the life that she knew. But she is resilient, and is Baghdad’s newest business woman!

Every woman fighting terrorism by working for equality.

Anya Pogharian, 17 years old, has developed a dialysis machine which costs $500. Because she could.

Amani Yahya, Yemeni rapper, sings against child brides in her culture.

Anshu Arele left her Indian village to get an computer engineering degree in the city. At 22 she returned to the village, earned a government seat, and started making waves.

In case you missed the story of Principal Nadia Lopez, never doubt that your consistent love and encouragement makes a difference.

And if you want a dose of good news between columns, check out Sarah Bessey’s Pinterest board called Wise Women.


Photo credit: Hailey Bartholomew / TEAR Australia