I Triple Dog Dare You


There was a dare on my heart while I paced the outskirts of the soccer field. Last night, we invited our local SheLovelys to a fundraiser and we called it, Dare to Be Dangerous. I knew we would give each woman a small felt heart, made with Love by women in Moldova. Women, who had been rescued out of human trafficking and were now beginning to live an empowered story.

I imagined holding the little felt heart in my hand and letting it speak to me of unfulfilled dreams. If I dared challenge other women, how will I challenge myself? What one dangerous thing would I dare to do?

These two words popped into my head: Climb Kilimanjaro.

I gasped. I’ve always wanted to do that. It felt like a thin place. A sacred moment.

On a whim, I shared a little bit of my moment with Scott later that night.

He was horrified.

The poor man thought I wanted to climb Kilimanjaro in the next three months.

He said, I think you should dare yourself to finish your book.


I was annoyed. Slightly mad. And gave him the silent treatment for the rest of the night.

But he was right.

I have a history of wanting to make big changes in my life. They seem to come every month around the same time.

Some of us eat chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels. Some crave donuts. I have a history of wanting to move.

There was the month I wanted to move to China.
Then there was the month I wanted to move back to South Africa.
Then there was the other month I wanted to move our family to the inner city of Vancouver.

After several years of marriage, my dear husband finally picked up on a trend. He gently asked, Are you sure this is something you want our family to do? Have you noticed how these big changes tend to come around the same time, every month?

He was very, very gentle. Bless his soul.
He was also very, very right.

I’m a Type Seven on the Enneagram. An Enthusiast. I want to do everything. I focus best when I have a deadline that is bigger and more important than everything else in my life at the time. Considering our full life, that is challenging. Even after I’ve shut the front door …

Writing a book is my Kilimanjaro. It’s something I’d love to do, but it honestly feels indulgent. When the 11-year-old stands before you and pleads, Mommy, can you drive for our all-day field trip, it feels extravagant to say, No, darling. I’m sorry, but I can’t.

My Enneagram Type Seven wants to say, Surely there’s a way to do both? All of it? All the time?

Yes, there are movements to lead. Friends and sisters to love. Children to love and feed. Soccer tournaments and softball games. Field trips. Emails to write. People to meet. But there’s also this ONE thing I need to do now.

So, I’m going to take my husband up on his kind, but slightly annoying suggestion.

In the next three months:

I am not going to climb that beautiful mountain in Tanzania. I am going to climb the Kilimanjaro in my own heart. I am going to finish my manuscript.

There, I said it on the Internet. I’m going public with this mountain.

In the next three months, I am going to finish my manuscript, because I am a dangerous woman.

Then, you also know how I love to invite others along for the journey.

So, today I double dog dare you to find your Kilimanjaro. What is the dangerous dream in your heart? What can you do in the next three months that will make your hair stand up? That may make you sweat? That will make you pray harder than you’ve prayed before? That will be right in line with the person you are called to be?

Or: what is the something that you know you need to do? Now?

It can be something small and courageous. It can be something big. Maybe even medium. You choose. You just have to be able to do it within the next three months.

Jump off a cliff? Swing from a bridge?
Swim in the ocean at night?
Pray for five minutes a day for a cause close to your heart?
Change a diaper. (Don’t laugh. I changed my first diaper in my late twenties.)
Skinny dip in the Pacific? The Atlantic? The Indian Ocean?
Take a painting class?
Read a dangerous book?
Ask a dangerous question?
Run to Abbottsford on a Saturday morning?
Make your first ever beef stew and invite 12 friends to dinner?
Pray “the hours” for a month?
Host an event?
Submit a story somewhere you’ve always dreamed of?

You choose. 

Then, we’re going to put some teeth to our dare.


We’re not doing this for ourselves. We’re putting it on the line. We’re putting the power of ubuntu into full motion here. I’m going to climb my own Kilimanjaro on behalf of the women of SheLoves AND the women of Moldova. We’re turning our Dare To Be Dangerous into Dangerous Dollars.

Just like we asked neighbours, friends and family to sponsor our half-marathon run a few years ago, we will ask people to sponsor our dreams this time. Something like: Would you help me climb my Kilimanjaro?


The funds will go to TWO places equally:

1. Half of the money will go to SheLoves, to support our work, so we can create new and fresh ways to mobilize and empower more women, locally, and around the world. We are growing, so we have more expenses to keep this site going. We also have many dreams to do more dangerous things!

2. The other half will go to Beginning of Life: that small Moldovan organization with the very big heart, working to change the statistic that Moldova is the country with the highest rate of human trafficking in the world. They don’t have a big fundraising machine supporting them. The leaders live humbly, but passionately. They have big dreams for more women to know freedom. They do good and beautiful work. (O, how I wish you could ALL meet them!)

What is your Kilimanjaro? What do you dare to do in the next three months?

Can you commit to raising $100 or more? (10 friends x $10 or 4 friends x $25)
Want to join me? Can we do this together?


In about three months, we’ll report back on our Dare To Be Dangerous stories and deposit our Dangerous Dollars.

On June 16, the local SheLovelys in the Vancouver, Canada area will gather at Milltown Bar and Grill from 7-9pm. We’ll have toasts and high fives and share stories of climbing mountains.

Meanwhile, we’ll gather Dangerous Dollar donations online here, with the final day to donate at midnight (PST) on June 16. You can send your stories to shelovesmagazine @ gmail.com Let us know how this is moving you or join us at our Facebook group: DARE TO BE DANGEROUS.

I dare you to be dangerous, for you, for us and for the global sisterhood of women.

Let’s go be our most dangerous glorious, most fully awake self.
Let’s move into those thin places where Heaven and Earth meet, where we feel most fully alive.

I dare you. I dare me.
In the next three months, let’s climb some Kilimanjaros.
I triple dog dare us.


Ready to Share Your DARE?

1. Take a selfie with your DARE TO BE DANGEROUS and share it with us on Instagram or Twitter at #dangerousdollars and #dare2bdangerous. Tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’d love to share your DARES with our community.


3. Why not DARE a friend to join you?

idelette triple dog dare


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Image credit: Roman Boed