Juicy Conversations: Kelley and Idelette Talk about Dangerous Women



A few months ago, a Walter Brueggemann sermon sparked a conversation between these two friends, Kelley Nikondeha and Idelette McVicker. Both have shared this week how that idea has taken shape in their hearts.

On Monday, Idelette wrote: God Needs Dangerous Women?
And Tuesday, Kelley wrote: Why Dangerous?

Today, Idelette and Kelley invite us into a video conversation (recorded via Skype), so we can catch a glimpse of their hearts and passion. What starts off as a conversation around Isaiah, living into the “New City” and Dangerous Women, inevitably also becomes pretty personal.

There’s the moment when Kelley’s not quite sure if Idelette will burst into tears when she shares her six-word memoir. [Watch at 20:28 for how the hard parts of our story can also become the juicy parts. ]

Or when Kelley talks about standing in the Story of God and how it’s virtually impossible to stand in the  fullness of that Story—like a river—and not be splashed by it. [ Start at 10:58] You can feel Idelette’s goosebumps!

The full conversation lasts around 27 minutes, but we’ll break it down for you (below), so you can pop in at any point. (Email subscribers, you’ll need to click through to watch the video, please.)

– Introductions [00:00]
– That day on the couch in Kelley’s living room [0:46]
– Is it even possible to build this New City? [3:22]
– Will we choose Fear or Juicy Living? [4:46]
– What are we NOT saying when we say, “Dangerous?” [5:24]

I. A Dangerous Woman and God [See 12:24]

II: A Dangerous Woman and Self 
Kelley: [16:26]
Idelette [19:10]

III: A Dangerous Woman and the World. [21:12]

Where do you find yourself? What resonates with you? Are you ready to cross the river? Join the conversation in the comments, on Facebook or via Twitter or Instagram (@shelovesmag). Our hashtag this month is #SLMdangerouswomen. Be sure to add your thoughts!