Own and Share Who You Are



It’s taken me a lifetime to inhabit this skin of mine. I believe that one of our primary tasks in this life is to realize who it is we’re created to be, to own it, live it, and share it. It takes time, it takes intention, it takes attention, and it takes oodles of trust to get anywhere close to realizing any one of that little list of verbs, much less all four: realize, own, live, share.

Despite the great strides that have been made (and are being made) on behalf of equality for women in the western world, taking ownership of who we really are is still so difficult for many of us. And worse, it is impossible for far too many of our gender, born into repressive cultures at various places around the globe. There is work still to be done—even here, even now.

Those of us who follow the rabbi from Nazareth are invited to lead the way. Everything about the ministry of Jesus spoke to the beautiful truth of the good news Jesus brought. Jesus lived out this good news while walking our earth, and the Holy Spirit continues to whisper it in our ears. We are loved by, wanted by, seen by and have the choice to be filled by Almighty God. This God calls us friends, even children. Which makes us children of the King.

Just let that wash over you for a minute or two.

This kingdom God invites us to enter, is not like any kingdom we’ve studied about in history books. It is marked by humility, service, even suffering. But it is also a place where healing happens, where goodness rises, where power is available from one moment to the next, no matter how difficult any particular one of those moments may prove to be. It is a place of hope, and justice, of valuing one another. This kingdom is a place of learning to love ourselves as we discover who we are in the light of God’s redemptive, empowering love.

So … who are you?

What are the gifts that God asks you to pour into this world? Where is your primary “playing field,” the place where the power of God can be released through you? Whether you are a student, a working mother, a grandmother; single or married; with children or without; whether you are homebound with a chronic disease, working too many hours in a low-paying job, struggling to juggle school and family; whether you are widowed, gay, straight, or anything in between—YOU are a child of God. You are called and equipped to live out the gospel of grace, and the gospel of power, in whatever context you find yourself.

Are you ready for that? Are you seeking to learn more about who you are and how you’re wired? Are you finding places where you can become more and more the truest version of yourself?

When we inhabit who we are—that’s when we most fully experience the power of God at work within us. That’s when we find ourselves doing “even greater things than these,” as Jesus told us we would do. That’s when we begin to move through all four of those verbs I listed at the beginning of this small essay.

When we realize that we are totally unique, one of a kind, then we begin to own that truth in ways that change us from the inside out. And as we own it, we begin to live it more and more in the daily-ness of life. Which is, of course, the way we share what God gives us, teaches us, equips us with and sends us out to do.

Do you know it to be true in your own life? Do you want it to be true in the lives and experience of others?

Ah, then.

Claim the power we are promised and lean into who you are.


Image credit: Sarah Joslyn