The Peacemakers, The Poets + The Pretty Ones: Good News for Girls


8166927220_f16abfe9e5_k26 Women To Watch In Tech in 2015.


The Peacemakers

Women are a powerful force for peace. Here’s why.

Syrian women know how to defeat ISIS.

The power of Libya’s female arms dealers.


Artists Represent

Andrea Mihalik of New Jersey met the craftswomen of Kiltamany, Kenya. None of them have been the same since.

Kioni “Popcorn” Marshall, a 6th Grader from the Bronx, wows the NYC poetry scene.

Sujari Britt, an 11-year old girl who can make a cello grateful for its life.

Looking forward to the release of this film … Driving with Selvi.


How We See Ourselves

The journey seems so long. Yet, I will not waiver.

If there was one thing you could change about your body, what would you change? (hint: you’ve forgotten your truest answer)

Love you boobs, love yourself.

How would children react to a realistically proportioned fashion doll?

Think you need to be perfectly made-up to be beautiful?

Real prettiness. (I’m a little sad that they didn’t recognize themselves, though.)

Photo credit: ITU/R.Farrell