She Is Dangerous



She is dangerous
Daring every devil in her way
to make Love known

She is dangerous
She is often afraid
she is more afraid of not doing right

She is dangerous
She is often intimidated by the darkness
She fights with light
When she is intimidated she runs away
into the darkness she most fears
She does not wish it away

Into the danger
There she crumbles on the floor of humility
Often humiliated
Vulnerability becomes home
Where intimidation makes way for intimacy
There she yields her fears
Until Love finds her again
On that floor of humility
Where the prideful darkness is resisted
Where faith finds a friend to uphold
Where hope arises out of utter defeat

In the presence of darkness
a feast is provided
She eats love
She feasts on love
Love makes her dangerous


Image credit: Jonas Myrenås

Siki Dlanga
Siki Dlanga is a love sick Jesus follower. She is regrettably single but not unhappy. She lives for things such as reconciliation. She laughs really loud. She is a dreamer. She is a believer. She is a poet with an inspiring anthology called Word of Worth. She dialogues about her country in whatever platform she finds. She was once called a freedom banner and she liked it. She is daring, she is bold and she is honest. She is also called Madam Madiba.
Siki Dlanga
Siki Dlanga

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