Short in Stature but Big in Heart


It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. – Mark Twain


I’m pretty short: 5ft plus half an inch, to be exact. Well, maybe not exactly, because at 63, chances are I’m shrinking, but I’m not going to check that out. I’m clinging onto my half inch with a steely grip and you’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

One of the boringly repetitive phrases often quoted to small people is “good things come in small packages…”Yeah well, so does arsenic!” Being small in stature can definitely be a mixed blessing. For instance …

Downsides of being short:

  •  You can never reach the top cupboard without a step stool.
  •  You need to ask other shoppers to help you get stuff from the top shelf at the store.
  •  When you’re in a prayer huddle, you are at armpit level to the rest of the group and let’s face it, nose to pit, even the best deodorant is toxic after a few minutes. God save us from 20-minute prayer huddles. (I’ve been in a few of’m, let me tell ya.)

Upsides of being short:

  •  You can always fit into the economy class seats no matter what the airline.
  •  You can alter your pants by cutting bits off, but tall people can’t add length.
  •  A big personality can easily fit into a little body (and often does).

Throughout the years, I’ve learned that though small is my physical state, it doesn’t have to be the state of my heart. I love that David from the Old Testament, (whose height is not mentioned as Goliath’s is, so he obviously wasn’t outstanding in the inches department) was considered by God as the man to rid the kingdom of a giant problem. I love that his underdeveloped teenage body was already out on the battlefield killing lions and bears while his big brothers were still on training exercises with the army. I love that God chose him as king, not on the basis of height or good looks, but because he was the right person for the job. God bypasses how we look or sound, or how rich or beautiful we are, and zeroes directly into the heart.

And some hearts are BIG.

It’s the big-hearted people who get things done. It’s the big-hearted people who have the capacity to reach into other people’s lives and bring change and love and freedom. It’s the big-hearted people who care enough to make the difference without worrying who gets the credit. Big-hearted people build the Kingdom of God in the smallest and darkest of places.

Many times we don’t know their names, but God does. We live in a world where people’s ideas of greatness often revolve around themselves, resulting only in small-mindedness, small-heartedness, small thinking and small vision. God’s ordinary, nameless, faceless, huge-hearted people are pouring into the gaps—filling the holes, making the difference, bringing the breakthroughs, taking the risks, raising the awareness, fighting the battles and changing the world.