Sowing, Summiting, Strutting: Good News for Girls



Some are humble. Some live in the limelight. None play small.

Women in Agriculture

Thyme + land = success for Lebanese women.

Picturing Women–a beautiful portrait series of female farmers in Europe.

Women spearhead biodiversity project in Tajikistan.


Women in Sport

11-year old Brooke Raboutou shatters climbing record.

Call me what you want, I’m not disabled.

Sarah Samir becomes the first female soccer referee in Egypt.

At 22-years old, Nungshi and and Tashi Malik are the first twin sisters to successfully summit the seven top peaks on seven continents.

I jiggle, therefore I am.


How We See Ourselves

Move over Barbie … there is some healthy competition in Nigeria.

Make-under … the Tree Change Doll project.

A beautiful, tattooed redemption story.

Role models–not runway models.


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Photo credit: Eric Montfort

Erin Wilson
Erin Wilson is a curator + photographer, storyteller + story gatherer, listener + learner, student + teacher, mentor + cheerleader, local food advocate + unrepentant lover of kale. Erin teaches photography to kids who don't yet know they're artists through The ONE SHOT Project. She's currently making her home in Kurdistan (northern Iraq).
Erin Wilson
Erin Wilson