Sowing, Summiting, Strutting: Good News for Girls



Some are humble. Some live in the limelight. None play small.

Women in Agriculture

Thyme + land = success for Lebanese women.

Picturing Women–a beautiful portrait series of female farmers in Europe.

Women spearhead biodiversity project in Tajikistan.


Women in Sport

11-year old Brooke Raboutou shatters climbing record.

Call me what you want, I’m not disabled.

Sarah Samir becomes the first female soccer referee in Egypt.

At 22-years old, Nungshi and and Tashi Malik are the first twin sisters to successfully summit the seven top peaks on seven continents.

I jiggle, therefore I am.


How We See Ourselves

Move over Barbie … there is some healthy competition in Nigeria.

Make-under … the Tree Change Doll project.

A beautiful, tattooed redemption story.

Role models–not runway models.


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Photo credit: Eric Montfort