The Judge, the Model and Skaters: It’s Good News for Girls!


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Women at Work:

Hmmmmm … women-led companies perform 3x better than the S&P 500’s average.

Dr. Muneera Al Fadala forges her own path as Qatar’s first female vet.

So has Aisha Al Marzouqi, as United Arab Emirates’ first female crane operator.

Wonder if small business projects for women work? Ten years on, these women have turned into respected, hardcore entrepreneurs who understand the finer nuances of conducting business efficiently.

Cortney Fletcher teaches women how to become successful online entrepreneurs.

These women in South Korea have made their living hand-harvesting seafood from the ocean floor.

Growing mushrooms is an opportunity for women to find stability in the Gaza strip.

Palestinian attorney Kholoud al-Faqih defied the norms and became the first woman to occupy the position of Sharia judge.

The Self Employed Women’s Association of India helps poor, self-employed women that make a living through their own business or labor (shown above).

How We See Ourselves:

Mihaela Noroc travels the globe to photograph the diversity of natural feminine beauty in all kinds of environments and cultures.

Despite being born with a rare genetic disorder, Melanie Gaydos realized her dream of becoming a top fashion model.

Mamas and their one-day-old babies.

Her choice was difficult and unconventional, but widow Sisa Abu Daooh dressed and worked as a man for 43 years in order to provide for her family. Never doubt the power of a mother to do what needs to be done.

We don’t often capture our daughters’ fearless moments. That’s a shame. Because it’s stunning.


Girl skaters in Afghanistan. Because c’mon now … GIRL SKATERS in AFGHANISTAN!

Photo credit: Gates Foundation.