The Red Couch: Third Quarter Books



We’re in the middle of our Second Quarter Books (see you next Wednesday May 27 for our discussion of The Secret Message of Jesus) but with summer around the corner, I cannot wait to tell you about what’s coming next. There’s something special about what we read in the summer. It might be a chance to catch up on that which we’ve been intending to read or it might be a chance to quickly turn pages of a beachy novel.

I read fiction all year round but especially in the summer and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy our Third Quarter Books as much as I do.

Third Quarter Books:

In July, we’ll read Silence by Shusaku Endo. Set in 17th century Japan, Silence follows the travels of a Jesuit missionary during a time of great persecution of Christians. I read this with my book club several years ago and the ensuing discussion of faith, apostasy, God’s silence, and persecution was among our most rousing and fascinating. This book is a classic in the best sense.

In August, we’ll read Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr. This is our first Young Adult selection and it comes highly recommended. We unfortunately often put pastors and their families on pedestals so what happens when you’re the pastor’s daughter and your mom is in rehab due to a DUI? Sam struggles to know whether God exists in light of her circumstances, especially when a local girl is kidnapped. Zarr writes deftly about hope and despair and how to face life when life as you know it has entirely changed.

In September, we’ll read The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. A masterpiece, The Alchemist introduces us to an Andalusian shepherd boy who longs to travel in search of treasure. What he finds along the way will surprise him and also offer timely insights for our own lives.

Don’t forget: our final selection from the Second Quarter Books is Tara Owens’s Embracing The Body. I’m happy to say Tara has agreed to join our Facebook group for a live chat in early June. We’re finalizing the date so stay tuned.

What do you plan on reading this summer?

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