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“The true value of life is so precious it is made to shine bright for all to see and is justifiable by God.” —Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 5am

This is a glimpse into my journal, specifically my dream journal. I have many journals. There are days when the pen flows. Days where my mind runs a-mile-a-minute and when sleep is sparse. This is how I keep note of every detail, so that when I read it in the future, I can transport myself back to that moment, remembering the location and how I felt, my thought process, even down to which pen I used. Saying the words to myself over and over, like a record. I like to go deep. I dig deep. Deep is what I know.


I often liken my life to an Adele album: tragic with delightful surprises. There are pain and disappointments, but at the same time it’s filled with melodic harmonies, riffs and high cadences. Perhaps the best word to describe it in whole is appoggiatura: an embellishing note that falls on the beat and then resolves to a main melodic note. It’s not essential to the harmony or the melody of a song, but it creates tension. So when Adele returns to the melody from appoggiaturas, she relieves that tension, therefore relieving the listener. Her albums are real, raw, and passionate–they play out a story. This is my story.

I am a creative person, an INFJ, which means that I feel first. Deeply. This personality type is likened to Oprah, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Teresa, to name a few. I like to think I’m in good company. INFJs need to find meaning in their work. We need to know we are helping and connecting with people. We seek truth, beauty and purpose.

In Fall 2014, I felt several nudges to read the book of Esther. Finally, at maybe the second nudge, I opened my Bible to the book. In true Chervelle fashion, I also researched studies on Esther. I was wondering, “Why Esther?” Shortly after, I ran into a friend from a previous church who—unaware of my new study—told me about a new series they began on Esther. That week I listened to the messages from both church campuses.

I pondered: “Maybe I need to understand the all-encompassing beauty and strength of this dignified woman? Maybe, just maybe, there is something deeper for me to understand?”

I also listened to two online sermons by Charlotte Gambill, one of my favourite preachers.  She mentioned Esther on a few occasions, which caught my attention. She spoke of Esther “owning her zone.” Mordecai warned Esther to remember her zone. She woke up to her moment, shook off apathy, and basically said, If I perish, I perish. Now I get it why I was chosen to be in this zone.

“Deliverance could arise from some other place … you were born for such a time as this.” —Esther 4:14

Charlotte continued that God has placed us in zones with connections and influence to use for a larger purpose than our own. We are meant to be an avenue of blessing for many. But if we don’t wake up to the reason we find ourselves in our zone, we may miss it.

Yes. Own your zone. Stand in your God-given authority.

The second message was called In Her Shoes. Shoes could quite possibly be my favourite metaphor. Growing up, Esther wore orphan shoes, but her cousin Mordecai stepped into her shoes and took her into his own family and provided for her. In later years, she entered the palace and stepped into her new shoes as queen. She moved from orphan to queen. But we can never forget what this promotion is for. It’s not about living a pampered life as a queen, but about helping others and pointing them in the right direction.

There’s always a subplot going on. We need to get out of our own shoes and have a bit of awareness of what’s going on and happening in the world. We need to believe that we can make a difference. But just like Esther, we have to step out of our own comfort, take off our royal sandals, embrace the discomfort and risk our future.

Like Esther, I believe I was born for such a time as this. But this moment is not solely for my own benefit. No, I am thoroughly convinced that it is also for the benefit of others. To be part of establishing heaven on earth. To play my role in God’s grand story. For my subplot to be part of God’s main plot. To stand in my zone, spread out and think big. To be a Dangerous Woman.

So here is the delightful surprise from Esther’s story: God can use a woman as unlikely as I.

Chervelle Camille
Chervelle is a dreamer with the strong desire to see women flourish. She colours her life with the mission statement: “To inspire and bring out beauty from the deepest heart of the soul.” Chervelle is a stylish storyteller who speaks her mind, lives a uniquely creative life, and is convinced she lives in a perpetual state of musical bliss. Chervelle spends her days as a yoga aficionado, freelance wardrobe stylist, writer, and event coordinator. You can find her over at, or musing over food, fitness and life on Instagram @chervelle.camille.
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